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ASICS ACTIBREEZE 3D Sandal 'Mako Blue'
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Sneaker details

ColorwayMako Blue/Mako Blue/Mako Blue
AudienceMen, Women
Release dateExpected in 2023
Likes6.4 / 10 (25 votes)
PublishedApril 11, 2023 1:22 PM
UpdatedMay 12, 2023 11:24 AM
The ASICS ACTIBREEZE 3D Sandal 'Mako Blue' is a men's sandal designed to be comfortable during hot summer days. The sandal is fully 3D printed, meaning the entire sandal has been produced using an advanced 3D printing technology, which ensures an accurate and consistent finish

The sandal is designed to help you recover after running by providing comfort and better breathing. The unique parametric design and 3D-printing technology create an extra-thick lath construction, allowing your feet and body to fully relax and get you ready for your next sports performance quickly.

All in all, the ASICS ACTIBREEZE 3D Sandal 'Mako Blue' is a comfortable and stylish sandal ideal for warm weather and sports occasions.