Two new kickz have made it into our Release Calendar and together they form the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Mix Materials Pack. To be honest, I found only little about the Kickz during my research. Even with the style code of the Kickz I could hardly find anything on the internet… . *After this paragraph comes a self-promo ad - to skip it, just go to the next headline. Let's Go!

What stylecode? If you click on a shoe in our Release Calendar and scroll down, you will find 'Stylecode' somewhere in the table. To the right of it is a field with a mix of letters and numbers. Every sneaker has a 'stylecode', like an 'identification number' to find the shoe. If you are looking for a specific pair of kickz, look for the 'stylecode' and enter it into Google!

By the way: You can also enter the 'stylecode' in the search bar on our pages. If we have the Kickz in our collection then it will be shown to you!

The 'Mix' Pack!

The Jordan Brand releases two Air Jordan 1 Mid SE - in short: The 'Air Jordan 1 Mid Mix Pack'. The Kickz are already in our Release Calendar - click on the buttons below to get to the Kickz. The pack includes the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE 'Light Blue' (Stylecode DA4666-100) and the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE 'Light Bone/Yellow' (Stylecode DA4666-001). Why is a stylecode here? Because the Kickz do not have an exact Colorway name yet and with the stylecode you can find the Kickz for sure.

By the way: The Kickz will be released on 01.August 2020 and for about 119€ they are yours!

The Jumpman Brand is now releasing a handful of Air Jordan 1 Mids as the silhouette becomes more popular. In the beginning the Air Jordan 1 Mid silhouette was controversial among Jordan lovers. "If you're wearing an Air Jordan 1, just getting the high version! But times change, isn't it ture, dear community? Now the Air Jordan 1 Mid Silhouette is a 'standard' Air Jordan Silhouette. Enough of nonsense tlak and here's something for your eyes - the pics of the kickz can be found below! Let's Go!

Air Jordan

Why 'Mix'?

Many of you are probably wondering why they are calling this Air Jordan Pack 'Mix Materials'. But yes, now you have seen the kickz and it will be a lot easier to explain it to you.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Pack is called like that because the Air Jordan 1 Mids are actually made of a 'material mix'. The toe, straps and heel of both models consist of premium suede. Under the strap is mesh and the rest of the panels and swoosh are smooth leather. No wonder this Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Pack they call it 'Mix Materials'. The crazy thing is that all materials are on one shoe! Crazy!

Now you need to decide. Would you rather have the light blue or yellow/grey Jordan? To make your decision easier, just scroll up and have a look at the pictures again. If you have already decided, we have added the buttons to the retailers below. Let's Go! See you again and hit it!

By the way: If you don't like these Air Jordan 1 Mids, take a look at our Sneaker News! There we report daily about the hottest releases and upcoming sneaker drops! Enjoy!