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Female designers in the sneaker scene to keep a close eye on

March 19, 2023 8:33 PM
Female designers in the sneaker scene to keep a close eye on

The sneaker scene in 2023 is being increasingly dominated by women. Designers like Yoon Ahn, Aleali May, Titi Finlay, Melody Ehsani, and many more have made their mark on the sneaker scene in recent years. Check out some female designers you can't miss in 2023 below.

WMNS in Sneakers

The sneaker scene is changing. Where men used to dominate, more and more female designers are taking their place in the sneaker industry. Big players like Titi Finlay and Aleali May set the tone and brought attention to the position of women in the sneaker world. In 2023, we're seeing more and more female players in a world mainly run by men.

Titi Finlay sneaker
Titi Finlay

Big brands like Nike, PUMA and adidas are also increasingly accommodating input from women. Collaborations with Rihanna, Dua Lipa, Yoon Ahn and Melody Ehsani set the tone and 2023 also promises to be a big year when it comes to WMNS in sneakers.

Rihanna returns to PUMA

Rihanna PUMA
Andy Kropa

Rihanna first collaborated with adidas in 2014, releasing designs such as the Creeper and the Fenty Bow. Now, in 2023, Rihanna returns to PUMA. Under the name FENTY, also the singer's third name, the two brands will be coming up with a unisex collection.

Shortly after the Superbowl Halftime Show in 2023, PUMA announced the collab with Rihanna. "She's back," Arne Freundt, CEO PUMA, told us in a statement. PUMA and Rihanna have not yet given away much about the collaboration, but that the two will be back is a fact.

Yoon Ahn with AMBUSH

Yoon Ahn AMBUSH sneaker

Another female designer who will play a major role in the sneaker scene in 2023 is Yoon Ahn. The founder of AMBUSH has had several collaborations with Nike in the past, and the two will come together again in 2023. Ahn's designs are sleek, and somewhat futuristic.

In previous collaborations with Nike, the Swoosh was given an enlarged look, and this signature element also returns in the 2023 collabs. AMBUSH's own collection, consisting of clothing and jewellery, will also come out with unique items in 2023. In short; Yoon Ahn is definitely a name we are going to hear a lot of in the coming year.

Sam Zegelink with Saint Muze

Saint Muze

Sam Zegelink, founder of Saint Muze, is known for her puffer bags. Founding her own brand at the age of 19, Sam focuses on sustainability within the fashion industry. Since founding Saint Muze in 2020, things have gone fast and the Dutch designer has appeared on platforms such as Hypebae and Sneakerjagers.

Besides her well-known puffer bags, Sam is coming out with her own clothing line under the name Saint Muze. Like the bags, the line is designed with sustainability in mind. The Saint Muze clothing collection will come with items for women and men and will make its debut in 2023.

Titi Finlay at Nike

Perhaps one of the best-known names when it comes to WMNS in the sneaker scene is Titi Finlay. The British designer has been championing gender neutrality in the sneaker scene for years. She has been working with Nike since 2020, putting her prints with quotes like 'Make Sneakers Gender Neutral' on tote bags, shirts and on stickers.

Titi Finlay

In 2023, Titi will release her own prints. The works are available in limited editions and are handmade. Each print run comes with a signature designer. Read the interview with Titi Finlay on gender neutrality in the sneaker scene here.

Sanne Poeze and Nav Gill with 'She Kicks'

sneaker book
She Kicks

In late 2022, the first sneaker book for women was released; 'She Kicks', written by Sanne Poeze and Nav Gill. The book tells the stories of women from the sneaker scene. This book is full of interviews with girls like Melody Ehsani, Andrea Perez, Aleali May and many more and tells the stories behind various sneaker designs.

The book is written by Sanne Poeze (@girlonkicks) and Nav Gill (@roboticlove), editor at Hypebae. The two got to know each other before corona through an interview Nav did for Hypebae. Since then, the two have remained good friends and came up with their first book in late 2022. 'She Kicks' is currently still available at Studio96. Read the interview with Sanne Poeze about 'She Kicks' here.

Tasha Bains with initiative SNKRS 'N' HOUSEPLANTS

Tasha Bains

Also not to be missed in this list is Tasha Bains, who focuses on sustainability within the sneaker scene. Together with Joey Birch, she founded the SNKRS 'N' Houseplants platform, and runs workshops in and around London. With her creative vision, Tasha engages with sneakers and is committed to a sustainable sneaker industry. SNKRS 'N' Houseplants also has big plans for 2023 and we are all over it.

These are some women from the sneaker scene you should definitely keep an eye on in the year 2023. Of course, these are just a few examples and we shouldn't forget collaborations with names like Billie Eilish and Beyoncé, let alone the women behind the scenes at brands like Nike and New Balance.

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