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The ultimate Nike P-6000 FAQ

July 6, 2024 12:00 PM
The ultimate Nike P-6000 FAQ

It's not often that a modern sneaker silhouette quickly rises to become one of the best in the scene. Yet, that's exactly what happened with the Nike P-6000. This sneaker has truly distinguished itself and rapidly become a favourite among sneaker enthusiasts.

Contrary to expectations, this silhouette actually originates from 2019. With its subtle retro style, the design cleverly belies its age, proving that drawing inspiration from the past can sometimes yield excellent results.

In this Nike P-6000 FAQ, we delve deeper into the model, answering the most common queries. Prepare to find answers to all your burning questions and discover what makes the Nike P-6000 so special.

The History of the Nike P-6000

The Nike P-6000 traces its roots back to 2019 when Nike first introduced this striking model. The sneaker was designed as a homage to the Nike Pegasus 25 and Nike Pegasus 2006, two iconic running shoes.

Pegasus 25
Pegasus 2006 | Images by Retro Lab

Combining retro aesthetics with a modern twist, the Nike P-6000 quickly captured the attention of sneaker enthusiasts worldwide. Similar to the Pegasus, the shoe's upper blends different materials such as mesh, leather, and suede, creating a layered and dynamic look. Additionally, the P-6000 features distinctive details like its characteristic heel cap and the iconic Nike Swoosh.

Images by Asphaltgold

While its design draws clear inspiration from the past, the Nike P-6000 also offers modern comfort and performance. Equipped with cushioning technologies like a lightweight midsole and responsive cushioning, it not only exudes style but also caters to everyday wear.

Thus, the model has proven itself a timeless classic, remaining popular among sneaker fans and casual wearers alike.

Trending Nike P-6000 colorways

The Nike P-6000 has been released in numerous colour schemes. Here are a few of our favourites featured in this FAQ!

Nike P-6000 'Flat Pewter'

Nike P-6000 'Flat Pewter'

The 'Flat Pewter' stands out with its grey mesh base and a clean white midsole, adding a fresh appeal. It incorporates striking overlays in various shades of grey and green, subtly contrasting the shoe.

Nike P-6000 Premium 'Light Iron Ore'

Nike P-6000 Premium 'Light Iron Ore'

A refreshing grey-white colorway brings a sense of calm and coolness to your outfit. The mix of materials creates a striking look, while the colour palette remains neutral. Metallic overlays enhance the shoe's radiance.

Nike P-6000 WMNS 'Laser Fuchsia'

Nike P-6000 WMNS 'Laser Fuchsia'

This design mixes white, silver, yellow, and pink tones, creating a cute and striking appearance. The white base is enhanced by sparkling silver, vibrant pink, and elegant yellow accents. This combination exudes style, sophistication, and a touch of glamour, making the shoe a true standout.

Nike P-6000 WMNS 'Pure Platinum'

A completely white colourway is a timeless choice that effortlessly complements any outfit. If you struggle with styling your clothes, this sneaker is a must-have in your collection. Its neutral colour makes it easy to mix and match, adding a fresh touch to every look.

Nike P-6000 'Coconut Milk'

With its shimmering silver tones, this colorway exudes elegance. The silver adds a striking and refined element to the shoe, making it a true eye-catcher. It combines Off-White overlays with a fully white base.

Nike P-6000 'Spring Green'

Nike P-6000 'Spring Green'

Looking for a more striking look? The Nike P-6000 'Spring Green' is perfect for you. Its vibrant green colour is ideal for summer, adding that extra bit of zest to your outfit. It's a statement sneaker that effortlessly elevates your look with a fresh, energetic vibe.

Nike P-6000 WMNS 'White Gold Red'

Lastly, we have the Nike P-6000 WMNS 'White Gold Red'. This colorway combines a bright white base with subtle gold and red accents, creating an elegant yet playful contrast.

The ultimate Nike P-6000 FAQ

How do Nike P-6000 sneakers fit?

Nike P-6000 sneakers generally fit true to size. Therefore, we recommend purchasing them in your usual size. Whether you have wide or narrow feet, the mesh and leather side panel moulds to your foot, providing support where needed most.

What materials are Nike P-6000 sneakers made of?

Nike P-6000 sneakers are crafted from a combination of materials. The upper consists of layers of leather and mesh, and some designs may include suede overlays. The sole is made from Nike foam, ensuring comfort.

Where can you buy Nike P-6000 sneakers?

Nike P-6000 sneakers are available at Nike stores and various sneaker retailers. You can easily find all colorways and purchase options through our sneaker search engine! Here, you can also view available sizes per store.

Stay informed about all the latest Nike releases through our Sneakerjagers website or app. This way, you're always up-to-date with the latest trends and upcoming sneaker releases.


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How do you style Nike P-6000 sneakers?

Nike P-6000 sneakers can be styled in various ways depending on your personal preference and the occasion. Go casual with jeans and a T-shirt, sporty with track pants and a shirt, urban chic with a leather jacket and skinny jeans, retro with a bomber jacket, or mix sporty and dressy with tailored trousers, a shirt, and a blazer. Experiment and create your unique style with the versatile P-6000.

Are Nike P-6000 sneakers comfortable?

Nike P-6000 sneakers feature cushioning technologies and a well-designed sole for comfortable support. The mesh and leather upper provides ventilation and flexibility.

Can you run in Nike P-6000 sneakers?

While Nike P-6000 sneakers have a sporty appearance, they were originally designed as lifestyle shoes rather than dedicated running shoes. The cushioning and support may not be sufficient for intense running sessions. If you're serious about running, we recommend investing in specialised running shoes designed for maximum performance, comfort, and protection during running.

When was the Nike P-6000 released?

The Nike P-6000 was released in 2019, drawing inspiration from the Pegasus 25 and Pegasus 2006.

How do you maintain Nike P-6000 sneakers?

To maintain Nike P-6000 sneakers, first remove loose dirt with a soft brush or cloth. Create a mild soapy solution with water and mild soap, clean gently with a soft brush or sponge, and rinse with clean water. Avoid immersion in water and harsh chemicals. Let them air dry naturally and treat the upper with an appropriate leather or textile protector if needed.

Can you wash Nike P-6000 sneakers in the washing machine?

It's generally not recommended to wash Nike P-6000 sneakers in the washing machine. The aggressive spinning and high temperatures can damage the materials and alter the shoe's shape. It's best to clean the sneakers by hand with a mild soapy solution of water and mild soap.

Are Nike P-6000 sneakers water-resistant?

Nike P-6000 sneakers do not have specific water-resistant properties. While the shoe's upper may be somewhat water-repellent due to materials like leather or synthetic textiles, it is not completely waterproof. Therefore, we recommend protecting the shoe from stubborn dirt and heavy rain showers.

Can you remove the insoles of Nike P-6000 sneakers?

The insoles of Nike P-6000 sneakers are usually removable. This allows you to take them out for cleaning, replace them with custom insoles, or create extra space in the shoe if needed. Ensure you remove the insoles gently and evenly to prevent damage to the insoles or footwear.

More questions?

We hope this Nike P-6000 FAQ has provided insight into the silhouette. If you have more questions about other silhouettes, visit the Sneakerjagers news page.

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