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There are 101 possibilities to work with us. We can't explain in a piece of text what all this means. The basis of Sneakerjagers consists of three parts: search, blog and release calendar. We also have a German and a Dutch site!

Each section has its own opportunities for collaboration. In 2020, an average of 543,000 visitors per month visited Sneakerjagers and we have a reach in the millions on our social media channels.

Your webshop on

Do you want to generate more visitors and sales for your webshop and bring it to the attention of our visitors? Sneakerjagers works together with for the integration of your webshop in our sneaker search engine.

Social Following

Sneakerjagers has a large social following (+574,000) via different social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube). With this we reach an audience of millions every day.

Branded Content

Besides the integration of your webshop, we have a lot more to offer. Think for example of advertorials, social competitions, dedicated mailings, bannering or providing an exclusive discount code.

Let's Meet!

We are looking for unique collaborations where mutual enthusiasm will always lead to a nice deal. Or even better, let's meet with you and see what we can do together!

To request a Media Kit for 2021, email F.A.O. Erik or Stefan.