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WMNS Club: Play Gou 💦 with DJane Peggy Gou & Nike

September 3, 2020 9:38 AM
WMNS Club: Play Gou 💦 with DJane Peggy Gou & Nike

The DJane Peggy Gou & Nike met digitally and put together a super good Play Gou - Workout- Music list. What I personally find even better are the promo videos of Peggy 😃. The woman has wit! And exactly matches my sense of humour. So let's start quickly!

Sooo. I can have a say 🙌. Because yes, I, as an actual visitor of the old school hip hop club, got invited for dinner by an electro guy some time ago. And as you can probably imagine - opposites attract - and he and I are now 2 years and all songlists are further along. With my Italian dishes we mostly agree. With music, on the other hand, well, let's say saaaaaaay: Through rose-coloured glasses I can even accept the noisy garage music 🤭🤫. No no, there is also some melodic music of the electro genre and my ears have been introduced to Mrs. Peggy Gou many times. So I was very proud that I could have shone at the Nike quiz with the right answer of her profession.

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Her style is really exceptional. So she mixes electro with disco tunes and always comes up with a tonal surprise. But listen to her. For those who don't have a Spotify account, I added Soundcloud:

Peggy Gou's Story

What I find really interesting is her story! Pretty Peggy, who was born in South Korea, is 29 and has just finished 200 shows last year. No wonder how 💦 snuck in behind her playlist. But she actually started in the fashion business as Korean correspondent for one of the holiest fashion magazines ever: Harpers Bazaar.

As a young girl she lived in London to go to school and later came back to London to study fashion. After learning the DJ-life from a friend from Korea, she made her breakthrough when she was allowed to play in important clubs of the scene in London and also started to record her own tracks. Because her name says it all and when she is on the program list, believe me, the place is shaking. Meanwhile she has, I think for the scene, moved to Berlin and now and then she also works together with Mr. Abloh. So we know by now that that means fame.

Okay, now let's start with the 2 videos I told you about at the beginning. The caption and the subtitle are in German, because only Nike Berlin shared all of the 3 videos. But hey, perhaps you can learn a bit of German with it 😃.

Number 1 Peggy Gou & Nike

Number 2 Peggy Gou & Nike

➡️ Please take a look at her dad!👌

Number 3 Peggy Gou & Nike

The Styles

Some of the styles were not sold out very quickly but the rest I gathered here for you to re-style. And don't forget: Listen to Peggy Gou while shopping!

By clicking on the respective photos you can go directly to your favourite part:

Das Damen Korea 2020 Stadium Fußballtrikot
Women's football shirt: Korea 2020 stadium home
Women's Shorts
Nike Dri-FIT Academy
Women's football shirt: Korea 2020 stadium away
Women's Infinalon Cropped Tank
Nike Yoga Luxe

Women's Infinalon Jumpsuit
Nike Yoga Luxe

Until tomorrow! And: You can't stop sport, you can't stop Gou. You can't stop WMNS Club 😎

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