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Top 5 Most Wicked Nike Air Force 1 with Pattern at StockX

May 21, 2021 9:00 AM
Top 5 Most Wicked Nike Air Force 1 with Pattern at StockX

Bringing a little colour into your life is a good approach, and it's much more exciting when we mix up our everyday life a bit with wild prints on our favourite kicks! That's why today we're brining you the top 5 Nike Air Force 1 with pattern on StockX.

StockX is a reselling platform where you can get the hottest sneakers in resale. You can be sure that you are only shopping for originals, as the StockX checked all the kicks.

Tie-Dye Fun

The Nike Air Force 1 'Black Tie-Dye' is an absolute eye-catcher with different colours and patterns, whereby the base of the upper is in white. The toe box is in 'washed coral' and black highlights, which dominate the whole shoe. Pink dominates the midsection and orange is found again on the back and heel. The Swoosh and the heel tab, on the other hand, are in bright green or 'strike green'.

Even the insole is colourful, while the stitching in white gives the sneaker an elegant touch. The only elements that remain plain are the white midsole and the black rubber outsole.

Big Sale Max

This tie-dye look shines in even more colourful hues, with the abstract taken even further. The upper features rainbow-coloured batik canvas, while the tongue has a special blue and red pattern inspired by the Chicago flag. The design also follows the motto of the American city, as the Chicago skyline is embossed on the heel. You will also find a peace sign on the insole.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Tie Dye Chicago
Nike Air Force 1 mit Muster

Ruohan Wang X Nike Air Force 1 Flyleather

Ruohan Wang is an artist, illustrator, painter, visual artist and lives in Berlin. She was born in China and grew up in both Germany and China. She studied illustration at the Berlin University of Arts in the German capital and has lived and worked there ever since. The artist is best known for her colourful designs, which also catch the eye on the Nike Air Force 1 with this special pattern.

The kicks feature an 'Earth Day Every Day' look whose reference can be clearly seen. In addition to the Air Force 1, a Nike Blazer Mid '77 and a Nike Air Max 90 were also released. If you want to read more about the pack, this is the place to be.

Air Force 1 mit Muster

Love for Animal Prints

Custom AF1s are really popular right now, the more individual the better. Customising our favourite kicks has gone as far as buying white Air Force 1s and painting them with certain colours.

But the first steps of customisation begin much earlier and, above all, more simply, namely with the Velcro fastener, exchangeable tongue tags or checks. In addition, Nike offered the freedom to glue on or remove entire panels in addition to the features just mentioned. This is also the case with the Nike Air Force 1/1 with animal pattern. You can remove or add toe boxes, centre panels, swooshes, heel overlays and tongue tags.

The pair rocks a combination of zebra, tiger and cheetah prints on each panel and is finished in earthy olive and brown tones. Add to that signature pops of colour - here in neon yellow - on the Swoosh, tongue tags, rear branding and dubraes. There's also orange laces and a bevy of interchangeable patches. A beige and rubberised sole completes the design.

Nike Air Force 1 'Animal'

Snake print is definitely one of those patterns that will never go out of style, which is why this Nike Air Force 1 Snakeskin is an absolute all-timer! The first thing you'll notice about this exceptional AF1 is the sheer amount of scales incorporated on the premium leather upper. This gives the shoe an earthy colour palette that is complemented by dark brown leather detailing on the swooshes, tongue and heel.

Air Force 1 mit Muster
Nike Air Force 1 Snake

Picnic Deluxe

Let's start with this model with picnic basket gingham prints. The upper is completely checked, but in a cheerful mix of colours. You'll find everything from green at the back to blue in the middle to yellow and red at the front. The Kicks also have the large gingham print on the inner soles and have all-white Dubraes. Unfortunately, this model is not available at StockX, but because it just fits so perfectly, we didn't want to deprive you of it. That's why you can find all the retailers that sell the shoes by clicking on the button.


The second model fits just as well on our picnic blanket and even reflects this in the heel tab, which is also in a light blue gingham print. The absolute eye-catchers, however, are the cherries, which are printed with their leaves all over the upper. The blue of the heel tab can be found again on the inside of the shoes.

The proverbial cherry on top is the unique Lace-Lock. The red Swoosh, made of iron, symbolises the cherry. Of course, this is made clear by the green leaf that seems to spring from the Swoosh.

Air Force 1 mit Muster
Air Force 1 Muster

Upcoming Releases of Air Force 1 with print

Of course, there are many, many more great and unusual patterns on the popular Air Force 1. In our sneaker archive, for example, you can find even more models with great prints. But we can also look forward to some highlights in the upcoming releases:

Stay up to date with our release calendar and our Sneakerjagers app. For more information on these favourite sneakers, check out our sneaker news for history, styling ideas and more.