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The Sneaker Year 2021 - Forecast Part 1

February 7, 2021 8:30 AM
The Sneaker Year 2021 - Forecast Part 1

What's up, dear community? Today we take a look at the upcoming sneaker year 2021 and give a forecast or two. Together we take a look at how the current hyped sneakers will develop, discuss the Yeezys and the influence of Jerry Lorenzo at adidas and give a forecast of which shoe will be very popular this year. Enjoy our look into the sneaker year 2021.

The forecasts for each topic are initially nothing more than lofty theses. No one can look into the future and make a safe statement about a development of shoes or collaborations. That's what makes it so exciting! Nevertheless, we have some hints and speculations for you that we expect!

Nike pushes the Dunks

This year Nike will really push the Dunk into the market. In January alone, all these colourways below were released. Plus, there were already the Dunk by You options where people could put together their own Dunks. So far, all models are still selling out very quickly. If Nike keeps up this level of releases, some models may even be in the store longer in the future.

For many who want to wear the shoes, the push comes just in time and prices on the secondary market might go down a bit. On the other hand, demand is still extremely high and colourful or historical models such as the Nike Dunk Coast in light blue will not have a price drop.

Forecast: People are getting a little tired of Nike Dunks and only selected models like the Nike Dunk Coast will remain expensive, and hard to get.

Sneaker Year 2021

adidas back to the 2017 hype?

When the news broke that Jerry Lorenzo was joining adidas and taking over a part of adidas Basketball, there were many who celebrated it very much. I am also happy that adidas was able to win over such an influential designer.

Especially in the early days of the Yeezys, adidas was the ultimate! In the meantime, most Yeezy models are no longer as popular as they were back then and the shoes are no longer as hard to get hold of. Whether Kanye will manage to change that again this year remains to be seen. But we don't expect any more comparable hype!

All the more hope is pinned on Jerry Lorenzo to give the hyped Jordan and Nike models a run for their money again. But if you look at his work so far, it is noticeable that Jerry Lorenzo does not usually make shoes for the masses. His work at Fear of God only reached a certain portion of people who actually wear his shoes. Have you ever seen someone wearing Fear of God sneakers on the street? If Jerry Lorenzo manages to make his designs even more accessible to the general public, then he can be very successful together with adidas. Whether he can cool down the Jordan and Nike hype remains to be seen.

Forecast: Jerry Lorenzo manages to create a little more competition for Nike. It won't be enough for the ultimate hype, like in the early days of the Yeezys, but we still expect strong looks!

That was our first part of the forecast for the sneaker year 2021. Until the second part, you can take a look at our sneaker news.