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'Squid Game' Slip-On Vans and tracksuits popular

October 10, 2021 12:00 PM
'Squid Game' Slip-On Vans and tracksuits popular

Since the Squid Game series was released, the Slip-On Vans and tracksuits worn by the characters in the show have been in high demand. The South Korean series has become very popular in a short time, and this is reflected in online searches worldwide.

Squid Game

On 17 September 2021, the series 'Squid Game' was released on Netflix. This South Korean drama series shows how a group of people risk their lives in a survival game called 'Squid Game'. In this game, the participants can win 45.6 billion won (33 million euros) - but only if they win.

The survival game consists of six different games. At first glance, these challenges seem very innocent and can be considered children's games. For example, the series begins with a large puppet that plays 'Green Light, Red Light' with the participants. It soon becomes clear that the players don't just 'lose' a game, but are actually eliminated.

Hit series

In a short time, the Netflix series has become a big hit. The series has been online for less than a month and is already number 1 in the Netflix top 10 in 90 countries. The series has millions of viewers worldwide, even though the idea was rejected for 12 years. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk told the The Korean Times that the script was ready in 2008, but that the idea would be too violent according to various platforms. The writing of the series even stopped for a while when Dong-hyuk had to sell his laptop due to money problems.

Squid Game regisseur Hwang Dong-hyuk
Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk l Photo via Netflix

The idea was finally picked up by Netflix two years ago. The American platform has shown more interest in the South Korean film world in recent years and was happy to work with Dong-hyuk. This was well-rewarded as in a short time, the series has become extremely popular. Just like the actors and clothing items in 'Squid Game'.

For example, Louis Vuitton announced on 6 October 2021 that leading lady HoYeon Jung has joined the high-end brand as a global ambassador.

Tracksuits and Slip-Ons

The characters in the series all wear the same outfit. This consists of a teal-coloured tracksuit and a pair of white Slip-Ons. The red guard suits and the 'Frontman' mask are also doing well. Especially with Halloween just around the corner, these items are going absolutely viral.

Squid Game Netflix
The green tracksuits in Squid Game l Photo via Netflix

For example, the green suit with the player numbers is available on webshops such as Amazon. Database Lyst came out 6 October 2021 with data search queries that surfaced after the series came online. For example, global searches for 'retro-inspired tracksuits' are said to have increased by 97%.

Halloween Squid Game Outfit

With Halloween coming up at the end of October, these 'Squid Game' outfits are in high demand. It's not the first time a Netflix series has served as inspiration for costumes. For example, the outfits from the Spanish series 'La casa del Papel', which appeared on Netflix in 2017, were also a big hit during Halloween.

You still have some time to get your 'Squid Game' costume together, although you will most likely not be the only one with this idea.

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Also the white Vans Slip-On received a lot of attention. The agency measured a 145% increase in global searches for the model. White numbered t-shirts rose by 35% and the red guard suits by 62%. The tracksuits of the participants in the series were coloured teal and this colour too had an increase of up to 130%.

First reports of a possible second season have come out, but this has not yet been confirmed by Netflix.

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