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Sneaker Sizing Guide

Know your size - The Luxury Sneaker Sizing Guide

January 31, 2023 8:36 AM
Know your size - The Luxury Sneaker Sizing Guide

How do Luxury shoes turn out? What size do you think I should take? Does the shoe turn out true to size? With all the different Luxury Sneaker models the sizing is a really difficult thing, because most brands only provide a general size chart, but all their different sneaker models often differ enormously in fit…

We have taken this problem to heart and created this Luxury Sneaker Sizing Guide for you. We have summarised the fits of the most popular models for you, carried out intensive research and made a lot of our own experience available to everyone. No more squeezing toes, wiping away the tears when returning the package and having to search through a lot of websites.

How to determine your own shoe size

First of all, it is important to determine your own shoe size. When you order sneakers online, it is not as easy as when you walk into a shoe shop and can try on the shoe on the spot.

Here is what you need to measure your own shoe size:

  • 2 sheets of A4 paper
  • A pencil
  • A ruler

How to calculate the dimensions of your foot:

Take a sheet of paper and the pencil, choose a wall you can stand upright against, and put your heel all the way up against it. It is best to put on the socks you will also wear in your new shoes. Secure the sheet of paper to the floor with tape or your weight and stand on it with your heel against the wall. It is best to ask someone to draw around your foot with the pencil. Once you have a nice outline, grab a ruler and measure the distance from the heel to the tip of your big toe. Record this result in centimetres.

Repeat this process on your other foot too. It may sound duplicate, but for many people, the sizes differ from one foot to another. Then take the largest foot as a reference to determine your shoe size using the appropriate table. Remember that information from different manufacturers may differ and therefore you should always follow their size charts.

You can use each brand's size charts to find the perfect shoe size by comparing it to your measured size. But beware! Many styles differ in fit, even if the brand is the same. Manufacturers often write this in the description.

The Sizing Guide for your Luxury Sneaker Favourites

Off-White High Top Sneaker Sizing

What would a Luxury Sneaker Sizing Guide be without this popular model from Off-White? The high top sneaker, which resembles the Converse Chuck silhouette, delivers everything you expect from an off-white sneaker. Fortunately, we have found out for you, what the fit of this luxury silhouette is like.

Short and straight to the point: The sneaker is true-to-size. In other words, here you can comfortably choose the size that you wear in all your sneaker models. However, if you have extremely wide feet, we would recommend you to buy at least half a size bigger!

Conclusion: true to size, size up half a size for wide feet

Gucci Ace Sneaker Sizing

When choosing the right Gucci Ace Sneaker, there are a few things to consider. Due to its full smooth leather upper, there is little room for manoeuvre in the shoes. Of course, the sneaker will break in eventually, but why put yourself through weeks of torture when you have us? 😉 The Gucci Ace, like the brand's models that resemble the Ace, is relatively small. Experience has shown that you should make sure that you buy the pair at least half a size bigger, up to a whole size. Especially people with slightly wider feet should upsize a whole size here!

Conclusion: half to a whole size bigger; with wide feet: to up by a whole size.

Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker Sizing

This sneaker from the popular brand Alexander McQueen has been on top of the most popular luxury sneakers for years. Classy and yet somehow special! Fun Fact: The sadly deceased founder of the brand was once a designer at Gucci! 😮 Back to the fit of the shoe: Here the name is actually perfect! Because with the oversized sneakers you should definitely go down by two shoe sizes! The shoes are quite big. For example: Your average shoe size is 44? Take the Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker in a 42.

Conclusion: Go down by one or two whole sizes

Prada 'Pegasus' Chunky Sneaker Sizing

On we go with an extremely popular Chunky Sneaker from Prada! Here we get another Luxury Sneaker Highlight from Italy, which is very difficult to estimate in the fit. But with the Prada Pegasus you should buy at least half a shoe size smaller than normal, because they are mega big. However people with wide feet could find it uncomfortable to wear the shoes, if you don't go up by a whole size.

Conclusion: Size down by at least half a shoe size; wide footed people prefer to upsize by a whole size

Balenciaga Speed Trainer Sizing

Now we come to a sock…uhhh a sneaker, that should not be missed out on in our Luxury Sneaker Sizing Guide, as it is one of the most hyped luxury sneakers of the last years and still enjoys great popularity all over the world. We are talking about the Balenciaga Speed Trainer! Of course we know all about it and can tell you that you should simply buy a whole size smaller here. The sneaker is relatively large. For example: You normally wear a 40? Buy a 39 and everything is fine!

Conclusion: Go down at least by one full shoe size

For more sizing guides for your favourite sneaker models, visit the Sneaker Sizing Guide page.

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