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How to style the adidas Gazelle in Summer 2023

June 25, 2023 2:55 PM
How to style the adidas Gazelle in Summer 2023

You can currently see the adidas Gazelle on the streets in all kinds of different variations and colorways. Known for its retro style, it is one of the most popular sneaker models of the season. It can be combined in many ways thanks to its minimalist vintage look and is suitable for a variety of Summer outfits. From sporty tennis skirts and classy blue jeans to elegant outfits for the next coffee run. As you can see, your options are endless with the Gazelle and it's an absolute must-have for your Summer.

In this article, we present two versions of the model. We styled the Gazelle 'Clear Blue / Light Blue / Off White' and the 'Gazelle Bold Grey' for you and show you different ways to combine the kicks. Below you will also find links to matching pieces with which you can easily style the outfits yourself and interpret them in your own way.

adidas Gazelle Bold Grey

Thanks to the simple colour, this shoe goes with pretty much any outfit and easily adapts to your look. The special shape with platform gives it its signature look. This makes it suitable as a basic sneaker that also adds the right amount of style to your outfit.

adidas gazelle outfit beige

adidas gazelle Blau clear

adidas Gazelle Clear Blue / Light Blue / Off White

The sneaker can give your outfit an extra colourful detail and brings that certain something. The colour is also easy to combine and perfect for summer. The silhouette with the strong blue colour creates good vibes and catches the eye.

A clean look for every occasion

If you want to keep your outfit minimalist and clean, the Gazelle is just the right model for you. Light colours are ideal for a simple summer look. Cream, white and beige are particularly suitable. Loose beige trousers are super practical for the hot season and very easy to combine. Just grab a crop top and a loose shirt and your look is ready to go.

Outfit weiß beige Grau

beige leinenhose adidas Gazelle
Outfit Details adidas Gazelle

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The perfect mix of elegant and retro

eleganzer langer Rock mit Sneaker
midi rock adidas Sneaker blau close up
blau weißes outfit Sneaker rock

You can combine the adidas Gazelle with skirts. If you opt for a long skirt, you'll give it a retro-2000s vibe that's both cool and elegant. You can either wear a loose shirt to create an all-loose fit or opt for a fitted cropped top if you prefer something a little more figure-hugging.

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Sporty and chic

Teniss outfit adidas
tennisrock blsues Shirt

With a tennis skirt, you can also style the Gazelle in a sporty and trendy way. Tennis socks complete the look and add a nice detail. The outfit emphasises the sporty character of the sneaker. The outfit offers the perfect mix of comfort and freedom of movement. The look is the perfect choice for any everyday situation and is also suitable for active pursuits.

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Fresh and casual on hot Summer days

Outfit hemd und shorts
weiß blau gestreiftes hemd

The combination of shorts and loose shirt combines the ease of casual shorts with the playful charm of a striped shirt to create a fresh and casual look for Summer. The shorts offer a comfortable and breezy style that is ideal for enjoying the warm days. You can opt for classic denim shorts or a version made from a lighter material such as linen or cotton. The shorts add a relaxed and casual touch to your outfit.

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Cute and stylish for your next coffee date

Iced-Latte Coffee Outfit kleid
Kaffe-Date Outfit Strick und kleid

Do you love iced lattes in Summer as much as we do? Then this outfit combination is just right for you. You can easily combine the Gazelle with a short dress. This way you have a look that is chic and cute and thanks to the sneakers still suitable for everyday wear and not too much of a good thing. If you want to give it a special touch, you can wear a jumper over the dress. This gives the look a casual and unique character.

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Classic in denim

Denim Look Sneaker
Jeans und weißes Hemd
adidas Gazelle mit Jeans

With a pair of chill jeans, you have an uncomplicated and laid-back look that is ideal for different occasions. You can combine the outfit with a simple t-shirt or a loose blouse if you want to convey a relaxed and casual vibe. With a leather jacket or a cardigan, the outfit can also be quickly steered in a more classically elegant direction.

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These were a few ideas on how you can style the adidas Gazelle for your next Summer outfit. You can find many more colorways of the sneaker in our sneaker search engine.

If you want to read more about the latest sneaker news and are looking for more inspiration, you should definitely check out our news page.