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Design your own vans - for a better tomorrow today

April 29, 2021 12:00 PM
Design your own vans - for a better tomorrow today

"What you can do today, always put off until tomorrow." You probably know the saying like this, or something similar, and it definitely applies to any housework or sporting activity! 😜 However, one topic where we can't afford to procrastinate and should understand the saying in its original form is climate change. That's why the skateboarding brand is now taking a few steps towards sustainability, among other things with Vans you can design yourself.

As a brand deeply rooted in youth culture, it is particularly important for Vans to take responsibility for future generations. The brand is well aware that there is still more to do. But with information and concepts, the Vans family should be helped to make more sustainable choices, both personally and in business.

Sustainability at Vans under the microscope

Of course, everyone is asked, in line with the 3-R rule: Replace, Reduce, Recycle. So here's what Vans does for a better ecological footprint:

Vans selber gestalten

Renewable energies in owned and operated plants by 2025
Vans Nachhaltigkeit

Reductions in the impact of the main materials by 2025
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Overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

For their own definition of sustainability, the materials of production are crucial. So Vans wants to use responsibly sourced and natural materials and incorporate them into their products in creative ways. Among other things, this means finding alternatives for traditional plastics and recycling as much as possible.

Green future through creativity

The main materials rubber, cotton, leather, polyester, nylon, polyurethane and EVA (special material) will therefore come 100% from regenerative, climate-friendly renewable or recycled sources by 2023.

The aim is also to avoid plastic on a large scale. Vans not only wants to switch to recycled synthetic materials, but is also researching bio-based alternatives to conventional petroleum-based synthetic materials.

Vans Nachhaltigkeit
Plastic bags on sale until the end of 2021
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Expansion of the global footwear recycling programme
Vans Nachhaltigkeit
Polyester from recycled materials by 2025

Design your own sustainability with Vans

As always, when our favourite brands go green and offer sustainable products, not only does the environment benefit, but so do we! That's the beauty of optimising our environmental footprint with our favourite sneakers.

It gets even better, because you can now design the P.E.T. models of Vans' most popular silhouettes yourself. You're asking yourself: What is P.E.T. anyway? And how do I design my favourite sneakers? Read more about it in this article.

You can customise the Slip On, the SK8-Hi, the ERA model, the Vans Authentic or the iconic Old Skool. Which silhouette would you choose?

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In the Slip On you will find 6 plastic bottles per pair.

Of course, sustainability is also an important topic for other brands and therefore also for us. If you are interested, you can browse through our articles on sustainability here.