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Delayed Release? - Public Enemy x PUMA Collection

April 8, 2020 5:07 PM
Delayed Release? - Public Enemy x PUMA Collection

The Public Enemy x PUMA collection didn't come out in February, but for some inexplicable reason. The sneakers release on April 9, 2020! As mythical and 'unprepared' as it sounds, no additional information was found during the #TheCrew Background Check! However, we do know that exactly on April 10, 2020 is the 30th anniversary of the Public Enemy album - 'Fear of Planet'. Maybe this was the reason why PUMA postponed the collection to April 09, 2020? - This will probably remain a secret, unless you, dear community, know more about this topic! If so, just write us a message on Facebook or Instagram! We are looking forward to every message and we are alway open to learn something new!

The Public Enemy Sneaker collab consists of the Public Enemy x PUMA Clyde 'Fear of a Black Planet' and the Public Enemy x PUMA Sky LX 'Fight the Power'. The PUMA 'Clyde' is available for €90 and the PUMA 'Sky Lx' will cost €140! The sneakers drop at available retailers at 00:01 am! If you have already informed yourself and want to buy the sneaker right away, just click on the button below!

#TheCrew Background Check

As you have already seen in the introduction, we hardly found anything about the 'postponed' release during the 'background check'. Except that the release was for on February 15, 2020! Our dear Dina has already written an informative and nice article about it! There you can find out more about the hip-hop band Public Enemy, their label 'Def Jam Recordings' and some more information about the sneakers! Click here for '30 years ‘Fear of a Black Planet’: Public Enemy x PUMA celebrate the legendary album with two sneakers'!

That's it?

Since Dina already covers the topic and everything in her blog, I should be fine right? - No, you'll get some extra information here, so stay tuned guys!

The Public Enemy Collection was supposed to be released together with the Def Jam collab in February. Both celebrate an anniversary! The label celebrates its 35th anniversary and 30 years ago Public Enemy released the album 'Fear of a Black Planet'. As just mentioned, the label 'Def Jam' already had a collab with PUMA for their own shoe. The shoe models are exactly the same as those of the Public Enemy Collection. For the Def Jam x PUMA Collection, the PUMA 'Clyde' and the PUMA 'Sky Lx' were also redesigned. So the silhouettes remained the same for both collaborations. Below you can find the pictures of the 'Public Enemy Collection'!


More information about the sneakers as well as a more detailed analysis of the shoe models can be found in Dina's blog! If you still haven't read her blog, you're missing something! Enclosed I link you once again to her blog '30 years ‘Fear of a Black Planet’: Public Enemy x PUMA celebrate the legendary album with two sneakers'.