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All New Balance Models at a glance

July 28, 2021 9:00 PM
All New Balance Models at a glance

Many sneaker brands find original names for their shoes. For example, they name some of their silhouettes after the technology used, others after the athlete who inspired them. Not so with New Balance, however. Because if you look at the overview of the models, at some point you only see a single jumble of numbers. But we shed some light on the darkness with our overview.

The ultimate overview of all models of New Balance

We have taken on the difficult task of creating an overview of all (?) New Balance models. Just click on the respective 'Plus' and you will see all the corresponding models.

New Balance 100s

New Balance 200s

New Balance 300s

New Balance 400s

New Balance 600s

New Balance 700s

The New Balance 327

The NB 327 only made its debut in 2020 and is therefore one of the newer models. Designer Charlotte Lee combined three different models from the 70s to create this innovation.

New Balance 327

The most popular New Balance 500 models:

The New Balance 550 experienced a revival in 2020 thanks to the collab with Teddy Santis and his label Aimé Leon Dore. The two have already worked on joint collections before. Santis will also be Creative Director at New Balance from 2021, so we are already looking forward to many new great releases.

At the beginning of July 2021, these three colorways arrived on the NB 550: Black, Yellow and Burgundy.

NEw Balance 550

The 530s are probably rocking every Instafeed right now. What's more, the NB 530 can be styled wonderfully for both women and men.

New Balance 530
New Balance 530

Most non-sneakerheads know the Boston-based brand primarily for the NB 574, a silhouette launched in 1988 as an experiment that combined a road and trail runner from New Balance.

New Balance 574

The New Balance 900 Models

Like hardly any other sneaker brand, New Balance still produces its kicks in factories in the USA and also in the UK. The 'Made in UK' and 'Made in US' versions are a little more expensive than the other models, but absolutely worth the price. The brand only uses high-quality materials for its Made In collection.

Since 1982, approximately 30,000 pairs of shoes have been produced every week in Flimby, Great Britain. Models include the 1500, the 991 and the 920.

Made in UK 1500
Made in UK 1500
New Balance 991 Made in the UK
NB 991
Made in the UK 920
920 (Asphaltgold)

The brand has five factories in the USA, where over four million pairs are produced every year. That makes up a quarter of the total production. The 'Made in US' include the NB 997, the NB 992 and the 990. Click here to go directly to the Made In US collection at New Balance.

New Balance 990

In this cool video you can watch again in five minutes how New Balance sneakers are produced. I find it really exciting to take a look behind the scenes.