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The Hi-Tec brand has led the activewear industry for decades with its philosophy of ‘inspired by people’. Hi-Tec is one of the largest outdoor and sports footwear manufacturers worldwide. Through their wide range of lightweight, high-performance and durable designs, they remain true to their mission - to get people outside.

Sneaker Technology

Hi-Tec's innovative Geo Foam features Geo-engineered EVA foam that is lightweight and supportive. These shoes provide unmatched comfort.

The History Of Hi-Tec

Hi-Tec 1974


A love of squash inspired Frank van Wezel to create a lightweight, comfortable, and innovative shoe on the eastern coast of England.

Hi-Tec 1978


The Sierra Sneaker put Hi-Tec on the list of innovative footwear brands when it introduced the first lightweight boot designed specifically for hikers.

Hi-Tec 1980s


Hi-Tec developed its first running shoe in 1981, which became the UK's top selling shoe in its category. Following the booming success of the Silver Shadow, Hi-Tec released the BW Infinity, a versatile running shoe for trails and roads.

Hi-Tec 1990s


In 1995, Hi-Tec became the official shoe of Wimbledon Grand Slam following Nelson Mandela's release from prison wearing a pair of Hi-Tecs.

Hi-Tec 2000s


As a trusted brand in the outdoor industry, Hi-Tec manufactures quality footwear for a wide range of outdoor activities. Vibram partnered with the brand in 2008 to improve durability and traction. Additionally, the company launched Dri-Tec waterproof and breathable shoes in 2008.

Hi-Tec now

Hi-Tec Today

A trusted brand in footwear, Hi-Tec continues to manufacture high-performance outdoor footwear with innovation and technology at its core. They offer hiking boots, walking shoes, and specialized sports footwear, and emphasize comfort, durability, and functionality in their footwear.

Did you know?

In 1988, Hi-Tec developed the Magnum boots, a lightweight, reliable shoe designed specifically to meet the needs of law enforcement officers. Magnum Boots Ltd was established to create robust, protective, and supportive footwear for the military, law enforcement and security personnel as a result of the success of the model.