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Sneaker FAQ

The ultimate Hi-Tec sneakers FAQ

April 13, 2024 4:04 PM
The ultimate Hi-Tec sneakers FAQ

Although the sneaker brand Hi-Tec has been around for quite some time, it remains a relatively unknown brand to many. However, we do see a significant growth in popularity recently. With this, numerous questions also arise. Therefore, today we dive into the history of Hi-Tec sneakers and answer the most frequently asked questions!

History of Hi-Tec

Hi-Tec Frank van Wezel

It all started in 1974, when Dutchman Frank van Wezel had the idea for an innovative squash shoe. Because of his love for sports, he needed a light and comfortable silhouette. Van Wezel began his adventure in England, in a village called Shoeburyness.

His first real breakthrough was in 1978 with the Sierra model, the world's first lightweight hiking shoe. Instead of the squash court, this athletic shoe was meant for the mountains. This introduction also immediately confirmed Hi-Tec's presence in the United States.

50 years on, Hi-Tec has designed a shoe for every type of terrain. From city streets to mountain peaks.

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Popular Hi-Tec sneakers

Hi-Tec sneakers

Hi-Tec's women's and men's sneakers are casual and trendy, making them perfect for everyday life. What immediately stands out is the sporty nature of the shoes. In addition, the brand embraces neutral colours such as beige, grey, white, cream, and black. As a result, you can effortlessly combine the sneakers with any outfit.

You can find the most popular sneaker models of the moment below:

Hi-Tec Shadow

The Shadow takes its inspiration from a beloved running shoe from the 1980s. What immediately stands out is the rugged sole and streamlined upper.

Hi-Tec Shadow RGS

In 2013, the unique RollinGaitSystem (RGS) sole was developed in collaboration with Vibram. This contributes to the natural movement of the foot. As a result, the Shadow RGD combines the latest technologies with durable materials while maintaining its status as a classic.

Hi-Tec Shadow FS RGS

A variant of the Shadow, the Shadow FS RSG, allows you to wear this fluffy model in vibrant colours. While Shadow sneakers mainly include neutral colours, with this version it is also possible to shop the sneaker in Lavender Grey, Mountain Spring Sharkskin, and Four Leaf Clover.

The ultimate Hi-Tec FAQ

Now it's time to answer all your questions about Hi-Tec, dear community!

Where does Hi-Tec come from?

In 1974, Hi-Tec Sports was founded in Shoeburyness, Essex, England, by Frank van Wezel. The company later moved its headquarters to Southend-on-Sea and then to Amsterdam. In 1978, Hi-Tec Sports USA was founded in Modesto, California, by Duke and Kathy Jones.

What are Hi-Tec sneakers/shoes?

Hi-Tec shoes are known worldwide for their innovative outdoor and sports performance, designed specifically for adventurers, athletes, and nature lovers at every level.

Does Hi-Tec still exist?

Yes, the sneaker brand Hi-Tec still exists. In 2024, the brand celebrated its 50th anniversary.

How do Hi-Tec sneakers fit?

Hi-Tec sneakers are slightly roomy. Are you unsure between two sizes? Then we recommend choosing the smaller size.

Is Hi-Tec a good brand?

Yes, Hi-Tec is a good brand. One of the main reasons why it is a good brand is because of its comfortable wearing experience and affordability. They are designed to provide excellent support for your feet and often feature cushioning.

Where can I buy Hi-Tec trainers?

You can easily buy Hi-Tec shoes through various retailers, such as Freshcotton, de Bijenkorf, and Baskèts. For a complete list of retailers, simply use the Sneakerjagers search engine!

Who is the owner of Hi-Tec?

In 2016, Hi-Tec was acquired by Cherokee Inc, which later became known as Apex Global Brands.

Hopefully, you have been able to gain new insights about the Hi-Tec brand and had all your questions answered. Are you as excited as we are? Then take a look at this brand's full range of sneakers!