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YEEZY x Gap x Balenciaga collab is on the way

January 12, 2022 10:02 AM
YEEZY x Gap x Balenciaga collab is on the way

Kanye West posted a picture of a contract between Gap, Balenciaga and YEEZY on January 7, 2022. West has already had a collaboration with Gap in 2021 and is now adding Balenciaga to this collab. The fusion of the three brands comes as a "logical step". The collection is expected to be released around June 2022.

In Ye's Instagram post, we see a signed contract. Here we see the three parties; YEEZY, Gap and Balenciaga. The deal was signed on December 29, 2021. The collaboration between the three brands is a logical step for all three names. In recent months, Balenciaga has also collaborated with special brands such as Crocs, The Simpsons and Fortnite.

Ye is no stranger to Balenciaga either. For instance, head designer Demna Gvasalia worked with Ye on the visuals for his most recent album Donda. According to Ye, Demna and he are a very good match style-wise. The designer also helped out at the various listening parties that Ye organised before dropping his album Donda.

'YEEZY x Gap Engineered by Balenciaga'

In 2021, YEEZY and Gap also collaborated and the two names signed a ten-year deal. Now Balenciaga is adding its name to this collaboration and the three brands are coming up with the 'YEEZY x Gap Engineered by Balenciaga' collection. No Balenciaga items will be dropped at Gap prices, but the high-end style of Balenciaga will be combined with the accessibility of Gap.

The name of the collection suggests that Balenciaga has a slightly different role in the collaboration and will serve more as an extension of the YEEZY x Gap collab. What the items from this collection will look like is still unknown. The collection does not yet have an official release date, but the collab is expected to release in June 2022. Keep an eye on our sneaker news to stay up to date.

Yeezy Gap Balenciaga collab contract