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Slides, slides and more slides - the best designs of 2024

May 18, 2024 7:15 AM
Slides, slides and more slides - the best designs of 2024

Slides, mules, sandals, or whatever you want to call them are anno 2024 impossible to do without. Whether you are a fan of the Birkenstock Boston or remain loyal to the adidas Adilette - comfortable designs seem to prevail this summer and we are fans.

Slides trend

Slides seem to become more popular by the year. Brands like adidas, Nike, Crocs, and Birkenstock are constantly introducing new silhouettes that become more comfortable with each release.

In addition to introducing new designs, brands these days are also paying tribute to classic sneaker designs like the Nike Air Max 1, which received a slide variant in 2023.

adidas adilette
adidas Adilette l Image 43einhalb

When exactly the 'slide trend' started is hard to say. The first slipper or slide was introduced in 1963. Especially for soccer players, adidas designed the Adilette that could be put on and taken off quickly after the game.

With its rubber design and easy fit, the Adilette was ideal for players leaving the field and could also be worn in the shower.

adidas Adilette 22
adidas Adilette 22 'Lime'
'Magic Lime & St Desert Sand'

Since the introduction of the Adilette, adidas has released several variations of the model, think Aqua, Comfort and Adilette 22. Nike also came out with their own slides, including the Calm Slide.

YEEZY Slide as firestarter

Models like the adidas Adilette were for a long time worn only at the beach or sporting events. Being seen in the slides outside such activities was often seen as a no-go.

In 2019, Kanye West, who goes by the name Ye these days, introduced the YEEZY Slide in collaboration with adidas - the first slide to serve as a lifestyle silhouette.


The YEEZY Slide has a chunky design and was wildly popular from its first release. The design is made of durable EVA foam, a lightweight material molded to the shape of the foot. Unlike the slides available at the time, the YEEZY Slide was seen as an eye-catcher on the feet rather than a no-go.

Colorways like the 'Resin,' 'Pure', and 'Slate Grey' were very popular and sold out in no time. Despite the already rather high retail price (€60), the designs were resold for hundreds of euros. A hefty price for a sandal, but fair enough, they are extremely comfortable.

After the success of the YEEZY Slide, Ye introduced the Foam Runner, a futuristic design made of EVA foam. The slide - or rather mule - may not be for everyone, but that the model is comfortable, that's for sure.

The weirder, the better

After the success of the YEEZY Slide, things moved fast. People got used to the high level of comfort the model gave and started looking for alternatives. The slide's image seemed to improve. Brands like Nike, New Balance, PUMA, and Jordan Brand capitalized on this and each came up with their own take on the trend.

Air Jordan Hex Mule SP
Air Jordan Hex Mule SP
Asuna 2 Slide
Asuna 2 Slide

In short order, silhouettes such as the Air Jordan Hex Mule SP, Asuna 2 Slide, Shibui CAT and Victori One were released.

Brands like Birkenstock and Crocs also seemed to become popular again. Whereas Birkenstock used to be quickly associated with grandpas, silhouettes like the Boston and the Arizona suddenly became wildly popular again - and this time not just with your grandparents.

Birckenstok Boston
Image 43einhalb

Crocs also caught more popularity. The brightly colored clogs that can be decorated with Jibbitz Charms have gained cult status in recent years and may be so wrong they are right. After the success of the Classic Clog, Crocs came up with new silhouettes and collaborations.

Salehe Bemburry, shoe designer at brands such as Versace and YEEZY, joined Crocs in 2021 and introduced the Pollex Clog. In addition, brands such as Shrek, Cars, McDonald's, Balenciaga, and Pringles came out with their own Crocs.

Sneakers vs. slides

Just when you would think, 'it can't get any crazier,' the first sneaker-inspired mules appeared. Nike came out with the Air Max 1 Slide and New Balance removed collars from sneakers like the 2002R to create a slip-on variant.

In this silhouette, the New Balance 2002R Mule, the sneaker's upper remained identical to its predecessor, but the heel was eliminated to create a slide effect.

Martine Rose Nike Shox MR4
Image Nike

More slide designs followed in short order. In 2022, Nike introduced the Air More Uptempo slide, which takes inspiration from the 1986 Nike Air Uptempo. The Nike Air Flightposite got its own slide called the Clogposite, Martine Rose designed the Nike Shox Mule, the Air Jordan 1 got its first mule in 2024, and so on.

The designs seem to get more extravagant and crazy with each release. Brands like Yume Yume, Marni, and LOEWE served as counterparts with their understated, modern designs. Birkenstock and Dr. Martens' silhouettes, however, are a bit more affordable and (almost) as fashionable.

Yume Yume
Image Yume Yume

Slides 2024

So lots of choices. If you are not sure which mule, slide, or slipper you should definitely have in your wardrobe this summer, we recommend our sneaker search engine! Here you can compare prices to see which slides are currently available from which shop at the best price in your size. Make sure to also check out the Sneakerjagers release calendar for all upcoming looks. Whether slides will be the new sneakers remains to be seen. But why choose when you can have both (in one).