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WMNS Club: Your BSTN sneaker novelties 2020

July 11, 2020 11:04 AM
WMNS Club: Your BSTN sneaker novelties 2020

In the BSTN Store you will find everything your heart desires. From sneakers to accessories, books and apparel, you'll find everything. It's easy to lose the overview. But luckily you have us! The BSTN Store offers products for men and women, but today it's all about the women among you. Here are your BSTN sneaker novelties for summer 2020, exclusively for WMNS! ?

But before we get started here and I introduce you to sneakers from Nike and Converse, you can get your own little overview. With a simple click on the button below, you can go directly to the sneaker novelties 2020 in the BSTN Store: ⬇️

Well, I've kept you in suspense long enough. You are here for the sneakers and not for my long lyrics. So people here you go and let's goo!

BSTN WMNS: Novelties in summer 2020

Our new sneakers are of course mostly based on the trends of 2020, which includes a lot of color, but also white sneakers, various prints and also sustainability. I am curious how you like this sneaker selection.

There are now super many ladies sneakers. They often stand out from the men's sneakers with a WMNS in their name. Of course there are also numerous unisex models. Do you know a lot about sneakers and call yourselves a sneakerhead? Do you even know what a sneakerhead is? If not, then here is the explanation!>>

Nike Blazer Mid

The Blazer from Nike has long been one of the must-haves on our shoe shelves. Meanwhile we find a lot of different colors and color mixes on the silhouette of the Nike Blazer. This makes the sneaker an absolute allrounder, as it can be combined with different outfits. Whether sporty, a little more chic, or casual in everyday look.

But let's get down to this gem. I picked out a Blazer Mid with a white upper, with details in baby blue, like the Swoosh. Perfect for the summer, as the sneaker is super light and quite plain. I can already see it on you, combined with an airy skirt, a nice summer dress or even casual shorts. Price: €79.99

BSTN WMNS Sneaker Neuheiten 2020

Nike WMNS Air Force 1 Shadow SE

Of course, an Air Force should not be missing either. At the moment it is the most popular silhouette and we find it everywhere on our streets. Of course also in the most different shapes and colors. Whether in an all white look, with colored details or directly striking in a gaudy tone - everything is included. The sneaker once came out of basketball, via the hip hop scene onto our streets. I don't think it was ever so popular as today!

This summery Air Force is of course also very tough. As always, we've incorporated Air technology into the midsole. This makes every way easier for us with optimal cushioning. But also the colorway is special. On the one hand we have an Air Force Shadow in white. But a bright orange and a sweet light blue make the sneaker shine. Price: €119.99

BSTN WMNS Sneaker Neuheiten 2020

Converse x Scooby Doo Chuck 70 Hi

Only last month Le started to work on this collab - you can find all information about it here. So Converse has teamed up with Scooby Dooby Doo on his famos Chucks. Kindergarden? No, no way! You remember your childhood when our only problem was to find someone to play with.

Good, but now back to our sneaker. The unisex model has a rather offwhite midsole and a black upper. We find Scooby Doo on the outside of the upper material. Absolutely no kids shoe! So if you are looking for a new Converse, or don't have one yet, this one is just right for you! Price: €99.99

BSTN WMNS Sneaker Neuheiten 2020

Nike WMNS Air Max 90 'Cuban Link'

The Air Max 90 is one of the absolute classics from Nike. The sneaker was first launched in 1990 and has been inspiring people over and over again ever since. The AM90 should not be missing from our WMNS sneaker novelties for summer 2020 from the BSTN Store.

The Cuban Link is also exclusively a women's sneaker. The colors of the upper material create a summery look: Yellow, beige, brown and a pink Swoosh. That's too colorful for you? It actually sounds more colorful than it is. The absolute highlight on the shoe is the silver anklet with gold Nike Swoosh. Price: €149.99

BSTN WMNS Sneaker Neuheiten 2020

Nike WMNS Space Hippie 04

The Space Hippie collection from Nike is something very special. The sneaker is made of recycled materials and the midsole of the so called Crater Foam. Sustainable (keyword: Nike Grind), comfortable and stylish - that describes the whole collection best.

The WMNS Space Hippie 04 is, as the name suggests, once again a shoe just for us women. We have a light blue sole, which is a bit speckled. Grey upper, green Swoosh and black laces and a black flap at the heel. You can rock this sneaker in summer as well as in winter! Price: €139.99

BSTN WMNS Sneaker Neuheiten 2020

BSTN WMNS novelties - more than only sneakers?

As I have already told you, BSTN also has other products than just sneakers. Maybe you are still looking for a suitable hoodie or accessory to your sneakers. Here I have linked a few more products in the pictures:

BSTN WMNS Sneaker Neuheiten 2020
215130 / 1015
BSTN WMNS Sneaker Neuheiten 2020
BSTN WMNS Sneaker Neuheiten 2020
BSTN WMNS Sneaker Neuheiten 2020