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WMNS Club: Sneakerhead Women on Instagram

June 7, 2020 10:16 AM
WMNS Club: Sneakerhead Women on Instagram

The sneaker scene is clearly dominated by men. But the female sneakerheads do not want to put up with this any longer, because they also make up a considerable part of the scene. That's why I picked out a handful of famous sneakerhead women at Instagram for you today. Their Instagram accounts not only serve as inspiration, but also as a kind of role model for all women who would like to join the sneaker scene.

If you only understand nothing now, then have a look at this blog here: << WMNS Club: A woman as a sneakerhead? >>. Here I told you everything about sneakerheads and the sneaker scene.

The sneakerhead women of the world

A sneaker can also be combined by us women to the most different outfits. Because we don't always have to go out on the street in high heels or boots. The sneaker trend has been around for a long time, but it is still mainly men who are associated with these shoes. But this should really come to an end now. Female sneakerheads are (unfortunately) still not as well known in the sneaker scene as their male colleagues, even though some of them already have more followers on Instagram.

We could take a leaf out of their book! Because these women are real power women and they draw attention to themselves. Whether they are style-defining entrepreneurs, designers, trendsetters or fashion and lifestyle bloggers - let them be a role model for how to assert themselves in a male-dominated world.

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Photo by Arièle Bonte on Unsplash

Okay, okay - long story short. Now, as promised, I'm gonna introduce you to some sneakerhead girls from Instagram. They are all US Americans and are fully in the sneaker collecting game! Have fun and get inspired!

Instagram: @nitro_licious

Wendy Lam is the founder of Nitrolicious and Minilicious. She lives in New York, which is also the reason for her love for sneakers. She not only loves the unisex look with sneakers and oversized clothes, but also the comfort and practicality of sneakers. Her fave brands are Nike Air Jordan and adidas. And I also picked out a nice Jordan for you. You will rock the streets with this one! Here are some impressions of our first sneakerhead woman:


Instagram: @jodirockstar

Jodi Goldberg: Wearing and collecting sneakers has become more than just her hobby. She is not only a graphic designer, but also already an award-winning sneaker collector. If you take a look at her Instagram account, you'll soon realize that her love is mainly for the Jordans. In her sneaker collection you can find other models like Nike Air Max or adidas Yeezy Boost. And that's exactly why we picked a Jordan with a white leather upper to go with this cool gem. And of course we also have a little impression of Jodi:


Air Jordan 1 Mid

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Instagram: @pytkillal

She is a real girly pendant to her colleagues. But she can also be different. With her mix of business outfit and casual look she shows us that women can do both. Her favourite sneaker? I don't know, but make sure you check out her account. In addition there is now a nice Nike Air Force 1 from us. Because this basketball shoe is also one of the most popular silhouettes of the year:

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??? #wolfgang

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Instagram: @vashtie

Va$htie - maybe you already know this lady. Because she works as a DJ, but also as a designer and designed the Air Jordan 2 Vashtie (were only available in limited quantities)! This makes us realize that Jordan's are her absolute fave sneakers. She says herself that sneakers have always been a part of her culture, so she wants to represent her heritage. Matching her profile you can also find some nice kickz here. Here is an Air Jordan 2 High Top for you:

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Tag your favorite FaceTime Friend ?

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If you want to compare some male sneakerheads with the sneakerhead women on Instagram, then have a look at @frankthebutcher or @jeffstaple.