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WMNS Club: Our top sneaker selection at Steve Madden

July 3, 2020 8:21 AM
WMNS Club: Our top sneaker selection at Steve Madden

Hello, hello dears! ? Last week, I introduced you to the New York brand Steve Madden. But it was more about the designer and the background of the brand itself and less about the sneakers of Steve Madden. That's why we have a sneaker selection from Steve Madden for you today! I hope you are curious ?

If you missed the first part about Steve Madden, you can find the blog post in our Sneaker News or just click on the button below: ⬇️

Now we come to our top sneaker selection from Steve Madden! And I can tell you one thing about them already: They will never be boring and with these sneakers you will not only stand out but also be ultra stylish. ?

Steve Madden: A sneaker selection for the woman with style

Steve Madden sneakers are definitely something very special. But what is it exactly? The designer, Steve, not only has a very special instinct. Because with his nose, he is always right somehow when it comes to trends and highlights. But this special instinct is useless, if the implementation cannot be carried out accordingly.

But Steve Madden is also in charge of the implementation. Perhaps this is the reason why the brand is so big and well-known in the USA. Besides sneakers, you can also buy accessories and other Madden shoes like boots, high heels or sandals at Steve Madden. These also stand out from the "normal" shoes and convince with their own charm.

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Now, ladies, honestly, which one of you doesn't love shoes? And if we can also combine chic, sporty and comfortable, then our life is much easier! Chic, sporty and comfortable - these are exactly the three characteristics of Steve Madden's sneakers! Just have a look at them for yourself:

Steve Madden Ajax Sneaker

Somehow funny, as you might already know, our office is located in the beautiful heart of Amsterdam and an Ajax sneaker fits perfectly! Ajax Amsterdam is the most famous football club here. But the shoe (unfortunately) has nothing to do with it.

What do we notice most about this sneaker? On the one hand the thick, beautifully curved sole is definitely an eye-catcher. But the details in holo-optics and neon are especially striking! Apart from that, the sneaker is simply kept in black and white and offers a flap at the heel to simply slip into the shoe.


Steve Madden Antonia Sneaker

On we go with our dear Antonia! Antonia is simply beautiful, with her curves… All right, all joking aside… ? But somehow I find the names Steve Madden gave to his shoe models very amusing and unusual.

Nevertheless, this is about the Antonia sneaker. Here we also find a thick sole, which is less curved in itself. The upper offers us a mix of materials and shows itself at its best in the noble, beige color shades. In addition there are some black details and ready is a sneaker that is not only sporty but also really chic!


Speaking of sporty but chic: Have you read my blog post about Nike by You? If not, then you should definitely do so, because here I present you 3 different Air Force colorways, which are not only sporty, but also very feminine. The button below will take you directly to the blog post in our Sneaker News:

Steve Madden Cliff

Let's get to the Cliff sneaker from the Steve Madden shelves. I already told you a lot about color trends and print trends from the year 2020. And one thing I can say: Exactly this is what we find on this sneaker.

One part is brown, the other black, then here again a part is pink and there a part turquoise… Yep, those are some colors. We also find two different prints on the sneaker. And that's exactly why this sneaker should not be missing from our top Steve Madden selection! It simply combines all trends 2020 and throws other shoes in the shade.


Steve Madden Match

Now I would like to introduce you to my favourite. The Steve Madden Match sneaker is not missing in my shoe rack and I can guarantee you one: The shoe is not only super comfortable and stylish, but also top modern and it catches the one or other look on the street. I have no idea how many times I have been approached about these sneakers outside!

In itself the shoe is kept simple and plain. All white - that is top modern and absolutely trendy anyway. But with its unusual and eye-catching shape, the sneaker simply catches the eye. In addition, there is the black and white tab on the heel and the lacing, which is more of an elastic band. That's what makes the sneaker so special and that's why you can wear it for almost every occasion, whether it's chic with a dress or skirt or sporty with jeans - it all works!


The sneaker is again available with a white sole and black upper. In my opinion a great counterpart to the all white look!


The fashion sneakers are normal in size. But if you have wider feet or want to have a little more air in your shoes, I can recommend the Steve Madden sneakers in half a size up!

That was it from me again! I hope I could inspire you a little bit and maybe even make the sneakers or even the whole Steve Madden brand a little bit tasty for you. ???

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