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WMNS Club: Nike by You Change Makeairs London stories

August 12, 2020 10:57 AM
WMNS Club: Nike by You Change Makeairs London stories

Girlzzz! Or WMNS, or how you like to be addressed on today's 150th sweaty day. 😊 As you know, we are always looking for the best stories, info and news about your favorite topic, sneakers! And today I came across a story that you might find very interesting. Nike talked to 20 people in London and asked them if they would like to tell their London Love Story or Sneaker Story.

This campaign will be called 'Unseen Story' and Nike wouldn't be Nike if they didn't include some stylish designs and pairs in the concept. Or simply design it on your own with Nike by You! Today I'm going to present this campaign to you with 3 stories from some of the women from 'Unseen London'. It seems, that we have to be fast! Why? Well, for that you have to read on…

'Unseen London' Nike by You Change Makeairs

However this campaign was only limited to a limited time, consequently we are trying to get the countdown of the last 2 days: Deadline is 08-13-20.

London Story 1 - Tazlima Khan - FashionDesigner|Stylist|Artist

I am an award winning social entrepreneur- fashion designer, celebrity stylist, art director, public speaker, all rounded creative from south London. Brought up in a diverse community surrounded by culture, where I fell in love with different forms of arts and basketball, the court is where I have learnt most of my life lessons. Being a creative working with social issues. Everything I design and create has a social educational purpose. Art is my form of expression. I am a change maker.


As you could already see from her story, Tazlima Khan is a creative talent and shows himself in many facets. She has even put together her entire Sneaker & London Love Story in one movie for you. Super likeable, she and her boyfriend talk about their relationship and their experiences as a couple. Have a look for yourself:

She has already shown you her sneaker in the video and here we show you its design in full glory.

..Tazlimas Nike Air Max 95:

Nike Air Max 95
Click on the picture to get to the sneaker!
Nike Air Max 95

Tazlima has chosen the Nike Air Max 95. Personally I think, this sneaker has a very nice silhouette that is great for a personalized design. In other words the sneaker is sporty and feminine at the same time due to the wave-like panels. By the way, I can only agree with the idea that Tazlima follows:

I am a Creative Artivist, I believe we all have a purpose in this world. Mine is to create positive change & share stories that are untold.”

Nike Air Max 95

If you look closely, the special feature for this sneaker is that the initials for Change Makeair are engraved as CNG on the left sneaker and as MKR on the right sneaker and on the shaft. If you can do without this detail and you are inspired be inspired to redesign this model for a price of £154,99.

That's it for today with Part 1 of the 'Unseen London' story. The next 2 stories will be available tomorrow. Look forward to stories from the legendary Air Max 90. ✌️Part 2 can be found tomorrow at the WMNS Club!