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Vintage x Sneaker - It's a Match

October 21, 2021 4:00 PM
Vintage x Sneaker - It's a Match

Vintage x Sneaker - why it goes so well together… The trend towards vintage fashion and unique garments has been around for a while. Vintage clothing fits into our time. In this article we discuss how this affects the sneaker scene and why the trend towards minimalism has a big influence on the vintage phenomenon.

Vintage - just a trend?

There are many reasons why vintage fashion is currently so popular. One important factor, besides the fashion aspect, is the issue of sustainability. We already have an oversupply of clothing and yet more and more is being produced at shorter intervals.

According to Greenpeace magazine, 4.3 million tonnes of clothing end up in the rubbish every year in Europe alone! At the same time, 90s style with wide trousers and oversized jumpers is all the rage. Many textile manufacturers are therefore producing clothes that actually already exist.

Vintage x Sneaker

In addition to overproduction and the more conscious lifestyle of many people, the trend towards minimalism plays a further role in the increase in demand in the second-hand sector. Trend researchers expect a decrease in status symbols in the coming years. At the same time, a longing for individual products and an increased demand for them can be expected.

These vintage styles at Vinandtage

Fortunately, there are now an increasing number of local vintage shops in larger German cities. Nevertheless, the trend has not yet taken hold in Germany, outside of Berlin. Other cities like Paris or Amsterdam are already further ahead and have a variety of shopping opportunities for second-hand fashion.

We would like to introduce you to an online shop for vintage fashion that offers a large selection of clothing and is constantly expanding it. Maybe you'll find styles there that go well with your sneakers.

Vin and Tage are two students from Frankfurt am Main who want to make a contribution against fast fashion and for more conscious shopping with their online shop. The shop, which is still quite young, is particularly convincing in the sports jumper segment and has a large selection of brands.

If you feel like it, you are welcome to take a look and browse for yourself via the button below.

Vintage x Sneaker Culture x Skater

The sneaker scene and its culture has historically always been a trendsetter. Since the sneaker culture has a close connection to skaters, artists and free spirits, new looks or styles are often created here. Currently, we are seeing that the oversized 90s look with wider trousers and jumpers is still on the rise. The sports sector in particular, with brands like Nike, adidas and FILA, has experienced a real boom in recent years.

It is very likely that this fashion trend will also evolve and that other things will be in demand in the future, but even then there will be an increasingly large supplier of clothing from the vintage and second-hand sector. The clothes for almost every future trend have already been produced in the past.

Vintage x Sneaker

However, we don't only see the production of fashion in vintage or retro look at textile suppliers. The first images of the new and totally chic Nike Dunk Low 'Vintage Navy' have just appeared. The shoe is to be launched on the market in 2021 and will then appear in a retro design.

The 'Vintage Navy' has the 'aged' look already included and Nike produces the shoe especially in this vintage design.

Vintage x Sneaker - Nike Dunk Low Navy Vintage

The phenomenon of the vintage sole has also been around for a while! There are videos on various social media platforms on how to give your sneakers a retro look. For example, weatherproof pens in various shades of beige and sail can be bought for the sole. The trend towards individuality has also long since arrived in the sneaker scene.

Here above we see some examples of the retro look. Besides the sole, the entire shoe is given a worn look. We see this in the colour of the leather or the laces. Sneakers with an aged look convey the feeling of telling a story, which in turn plays into the need for individuality.

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