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Vegan sneakers - so stylish while doing good things

September 21, 2020 3:15 PM
Vegan sneakers - so stylish while doing good things

What's up Community, new week new me and new world, just with me, that's what a lot of people probably thought before becoming vegan. The vegan community in the world has grown a lot recently.

Therefore, at the beginning of this September week, we will give you a small insight into the best vegan sneakers. How must a sneaker be to be considered a vegan sneaker. There can't be any animal products on or in the sneaker. Also no animal products may be used in the production either. If all this is respected, then a sneaker is considered vegan. Previously most vegan sneakers were made out of bio cotton or cork, making them look bad. However in recent years, more and more brands have made sure that they produce more vegan models, so vegans now have a decent selection of sneakers. Here are now 5 very nice vegan sneakers available to buy.

You like one of the vegan sneakers, the pictures will take you directly to the product page.

Converse Chuck Taylor

Let's start with a shoe, that everyone should know. The Chuck Taylor by Converse. The first mass produced sneaker in the world. Over the years he has been everything, a basketball sneaker, a skate shoe and much more. Nevertheless, the Chuck Taylor is still a sneaker, that is trendy in 2020 and belongs in every sneaker wardrobe. More importantly, the Converse is vegan. The upper is made out of canvas and the sole out of rubber. Neither the shoe nor the production process have used any animal products so the Converse is 100 percent vegan. The Chuck Taylor we now have for you, is not only vegan, but also belongs to the Nike Crater Pack and has been produced with sustainable materials, of which most are biodegradable. You can read more about the Nike Crater Pack by clicking on the link.

Converse Chuck Taylor Vegan

Vans Authentic

Next up, there is a sneaker from a company, that places a lot of emphasis on veganism and therefore has many vegan sneakers, in its range. The American skate brand Vans. The Classic Authentic, Classic Slip-On, Authentic Lo Pro and Classic Era, are all completely vegan shoes. In addition, some variations of the Slip-On, Authentic and Era styles, Sk8-Hi and Old Skool shoes are vegan. For our list, we have chosen the Authentic vans, because all Authentic styles are vegan.

vans Authentic

Reebok Aztrek

Now let's hear some 90's vibes, with a Reebok Runner from the 90's. The Reebok Aztrek. The slightly chunky silhouette and the nice colorways make a super clean sneaker. Most importantly. The leather is not real leather, but artificial suede and therefore vegan.

Reebok Aztrek Vegan

adidas Stan Smith

If Reebok makes vegan sneakers, then the German parent company should be doing the same and that is exactly the case. Adidas makes even more vegan sneakers than Reebok. Recently, the global brand with the three stripes also launched a special sustainable pack, of which all the sneakers are vegan. Here we have the Stan Smith, from the pack for you, on the one hand vegan, on the other hand super sustainable and with a statement on the shoe. On the back of the shoe is written "This shoe alone will not safe the planet" a great statement on an iconic silhouette.

adidas Stan Smith vegan

Veja Urca Cwl

Last but not least ,there is a sneaker from a brand that already stands for sustainability, Veja. Veja's sneaker are produced with fair working conditions and the materials are brought in via fair trade while making sure that they do not consist of poisons chemicals. All in all Veja Sneakers can be called fair shoes. If you want to know more about Veja, just click on the link and you will be taken directly to Maren's blog, where she has taken a close look at Veja. Besides the sustainable sneakers Veja also has some vegan sneakers in their assortment, like the Veja Urca Cwl. A sneaker with a super simple design, which makes it a shoe that you can combine it with everything.

Veja Urca Cwl vegan