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Vans Old Skool - A tribute to the sneaker icon

May 25, 2021 9:00 PM
Vans Old Skool - A tribute to the sneaker icon

Somehow the Vans Old Skool are totally known and yet they always run a little under the radar. That's why we want to pay more attention to the sneaker icon in this article and take a look at its exciting history as well as some colorways for the summer. Let's start with some facts.

The history of the Vans Old Skool

The model was originally launched under the name Style #36 in 1977. It was the first Vans skate shoe with leather inserts and the iconic stripe on the side. Did you know that this stripe was a random 'doodle' by brand founder Paul Van Doren?

In the 80s, the sneaker was very popular, especially because of its different variations and materials. The shoe was incredibly adaptable and individual.

When various collaborations with brands like Supreme were added, the Old Skool was already on its way to becoming an icon. The music and action sports scene also discovered the shoe for themselves. Various artists wore the kicks on stages around the world and the shoe was also popular with BMX champions like Dakota Roche. To this day, the Old Skool stands for a special style and contributes to diversity and variety in the sneaker scene.

All-Time Greatest Old Skools

In the past, there have been some totally wild collaborations between Vans and other famous labels or artists. So that we don't forget these great variations, I'll show you some highlights here.

Among other things, the 1996 Vans x Supreme collabo saw the release of this Old Skool gem. The shoe was part of the first collaboration between the two skate brands.

Supreme x Vans

There was also the GOLF WANG x Vans Old Skool collaboration in 2015. The shoes are so popular because of the great colours and colourful accents. Check out the models for yourself below.

GOLF WANG x Vans Old Skool

The shoe is over 40 years old and therefore there are simply too many beautiful models and variations. In other words: We could continue this list endlessly with such an icon. Last but not least, we want to show you another exciting collab. Do you remember the Vincent van Gogh Museum x Vans Old Skool? Check out the picture below.


Did you know that Vans shoes always land right on the sole? If you throw them, they will always land on the sole. No matter how you turn it, the shoes are like a cat that always lands on its paws. If you don't believe it, grab your Vans and try it out. If you don't have a pair of Vans Old Skool shoes in your closet yet, you should change your mind as soon as possible, but you can watch the video below.

No Vans Old Skool in your shoe closet yet?

I have a solution, for all those who have read the article very carefully and are now thinking: Why don't I have this icon in my wardrobe? Let's take a look at the currently available models and take an even closer look at some of the colour variants. You can always click on the link or on the picture to get an overview of all retailers. Have fun!

Of course, the Vans Old Skool Classic Black White can't be missed from the selection. We don't need to say much about the shoe, as you probably know the kicks in this version. Simple and easy to combine, the shoe is available for €75. With a bit of luck, your size will also be on sale.

Vans Old Skool Classic Black White

Then I picked out a colour variation in BLACK / LIZARD for you. The olive colour is a real eye-catcher and makes the shoe look more unusual than the classic in black and white, for example. Check out the style for yourself below. Cost: €69.

I also picked out the Vans Old Skool LX OG in the NAVY colorway. The blue details set a nice contrast and go great with the kicks. The upper is made of suede / canvas and the shoe costs only €69 in the sale. You can check if your size is still available for this price via the link below.


Vans Old Skool LX OG

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The last shoe I picked out for you is the Old Skool in Shale Green/True White. The shoe in this light colour is perfect for spring. Pastel colours are very trendy at the moment anyway. You can get the shoe for €80 directly from the Vans website. Just click on the picture or follow the link below.


VANS Old Skool

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