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Update | Travis Scott x Playstation Nike Dunk Low

October 28, 2020 9:12 AM
Update | Travis Scott x Playstation Nike Dunk Low

[Update 28th October 2020] What's good Community, it will take another three weeks before the new Playstation 5 ships out. When the console released for pre-order it sold out within minutes. The hype is unbelievable and actually Sony doesn't have to do anything more to increase the hype. But that is exactly what the Japanese electronics company is doing now. Because Travis Scott will be the new Strategic Creative Partner. That's all well and good, but why is this interesting for us sneakerheads now? Quite simply in the announcement video you can see a new Travis Nike, possibly the Travis Scott x Playstation Nike Dunk Low.

The announcement video from Sony shows not only sneakers but also Cactus Jack T-shirts, but let's be honest, the sneakers are the most exciting part of the video.

The reverse swoosh, which we have already done with the Travis Scott Jordans, is immediately noticeable. But this time it's not a Jordan that Cactus Jack is working on here, but a Nike SB Dunk Low. The question how exactly the shoe looks like is not clear yet. As the video on this part is in black and white. The only thing that is certain is that on the heel you can see the Playstation logo. Otherwise the Dunk seems to be two coloured, the upper in one colour and the details in another. As soon as there are better pictures of the sneaker, you will find out in our updates.

Until there are more details about the sneaker I will use the time to run a some more games on my PS4 before it's time for the new console. I can also assure you one thing, my friends all reacted positively to the new Playstation, my family didn't like it too much….. but whatever the main thing is, a new Travis x Nike on a Nike Dunk!

It is not yet clear when the sneaker will be released, I would like to see everyone who pre-ordered the console get the Travis Scott x Playstation Nike Dunk Low as well, because then I should not only be happy about a new console but also about new sneakers on November 19th.