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Update | Off-White x Nike 'The 20'

January 14, 2021 11:05 AM
Update | Off-White x Nike 'The 20'

[Update 14 January 2021] Hello friends, the rumour mill is really bubbling at the moment. The collaboration with the Off-White x Nike 'The 20' campaign is rumoured to continue. There are no details or specific leaks yet, but it is rumoured that the collaboration will still be launched in 2021. It will also include another Air Jordan 1! Let us take a closer look:

What do we know?

Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation yet, but some pictures have been circulating, which strengthened the rumours about the Off-White x Nike 'The 20'. After Virgil Abloh and Nike released 'The Ten' in 2017 and triggered an insane hype, we are mega excited about 'The 20' and assume that they will still be released in 2021. First impressions, if you can call it that, can be seen below.

Off-White x Nike 'The 20'

A Jordan 1 High in the yellow colorway can almost certainly be recognised as the third from the right. The shoe has the classic shape of a Jordan 1. To this, there have also been rumours of a yellow Jordan 1 High x Off-White variant for some time. Also, Air Force 1 could be seen in the first or second image from the left. There have been leaks of some of the sneakers on and off, but we're still waiting for official confirmation. As you can see, it remains very exciting!

A look back

Of course I would love to show you the latest pictures of the collaboration! unfortunately we'll have to wait a little longer. Until then, we can take a look back and see again what Nike x Off-White had for us in their legendary 'The Ten' collaboration. The Off-White Chicago Jordan 1 was the absolute highlight of the collaboration for many and can only be bought in deadstock today at used car prices. The collaboration, released at the end of 2017, also included some cool Air Max models. I specifically remind you of the white Off-White Air Max 90 and 97!

Off White Nike

Since many Nike Dunk are due to be released in early 2021, I'm sure many would also be happy to see new and fresh colourways of an Off-White Dunk in 'The 20'.

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