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Update | Nike x Off White Dunk Low Black

November 15, 2020 4:19 PM
Update | Nike x Off White Dunk Low Black

[Update 15. November 2020] What's up Community, Nike x Off-White Dunk Low, these were probably the most hyped sneaker collaborations of the year and this will continue in 2021. Because it looks like we will get two Nike x Off-White Dunk Low Black in autumn 2021. So what do you need to know about the new Nike x Off-White Dunks.

The Infos

According to the boys and girls of py_rates, who have always been a reliable source in the past, two different Nike x Off-White Dunk Low in black will be released in autumn 2021. Both Colorways, will be available for a retail price of 170€. This was also the retail price of the already released Nike x Off-White Dunk Low. So these two Dunks should also cost this price. But only in retail, what the shoe will cost in resell is a completely different story.

The Details of the Nike x Off White Dunk Low Black

Just like the Dunks, that have already released this year, this Dunk also has outside lacing. However in this one the lacing is not the same colour, as the upper and not, like the others, in colours that contrast with the upper. In addition, the new dunks, like the Air Jordan 1 x Off-White, have an exposed foam tongue.

The two variants differ only in minor details. The upper details are in black suede and the rest of the sneaker is shiny black. The other Nike x Off-White Dunk Low is the exact opposite. The upper details are in shiny black, while the rest of the upper is in the black fabric.

So that's it, from the two Nike x Off-White Dunk Low Black, as I said, we're expecting a release in autumn 2021 as well. But as soon as we know more, you'll find out in our updates. When the Dunks are confirmed, you will find the exact release date and all retailers including Nike, that sell the shoe in our release calendar.

📸 @resell.heaven