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Update | J Balvin x Air Jordan 1

September 16, 2020 10:50 AM
Update | J Balvin x Air Jordan 1

[Update 17. September 2020] What's Up Community, who of you still remembers the Superbowl LIV in February? The Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 31 to 20, to win their second ever Super Bowl title. For all non NFL fans the highlight is not the game. It is the halftime show, where Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were the main performers in Super Bowl LIV. For sneakerheads worldwide another part of the halftime show, was the highlight. J Balvin, who only had a brief guest appearance in one of Jennifer Lopez' songs, wore a previously unseen Jordan 1. Those were his J Balvin x Air Jordan 1.

Meanwhile half a year has gone by since Super Bowl and even the new NFL season has begun. However, there has not yet been a release of the sneaker. Anyway, just in time for the NFL Kick-Off, there were leaks, that confirm a release and give an approximate release period.

According to @resell.heaven the release of the J Balvin x Air Jordan 1 will take place in November 2020, at the earliest. Even if the release is not in November the sneaker is still supposed to drop in 2020. Furthermore, the Jordans will be limited to 11000 pieces, which is why @resell.heaven assumes a resell price of 800-1000$.

The J Balvin x Air Jordan 1 really colorful

If you have not noticed, the Jordan is mainly one thing, colorful. However, that is exactly what the Colombian musician, who often wears very colourful clothes, wanted. It is also interesting, that you can change the small stickers on the side of the Jordan, so there can be a colourful smiley face on one shoe and on the other shoe a colourful jumpman, a basketball or a lightning bolt.

We don't know exactly when exactly this flashy Jordan 1 will be released, but as soon as there is something new you can find out, in our Updates, Blogs and see it in our release calendar.