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UPDATE | Air Jordan 1 High 'Dark Mocha'

July 11, 2020 10:49 AM
UPDATE | Air Jordan 1 High 'Dark Mocha'

[Update: July 10, 2020] It's lit!? The Air Jordan 1 hype does not end and continues with nice collabs as well as fresh, two or three colorways. So also with the Air Jordan 1 High 'Dark Mocha'! For a long time it has been teased and rumored that there might be a colorway that will release, which is very similar to the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 High.

What's really true about the whole thing and if the sneaker will really be as dope as the one from Cactus Jack, you will find out in this blog post! ? Let's go!

Here a first picture of the nice kickz with alleged release date:

No sign of an upside-down swoosh...

..and that's why the kickz can hardly be as nice as those of La Flame aka Travis Scott. Because the upside-down Swoosh is an important and sought-after feature of the 2019 collab with Nike. However, nobody has ever said that the kickz should be similar to Travis'. Only the colorway and colorblocking of the Air Jordan 1 High 'Dark Mocha' is supposed to be similar to Travis'.

And so it shall be! According to "copalarm" we actually get the same color mix. Here again a picture of the Travis Scott AJ1 for comparison:

As you can see, dear community, the only really significant difference is the Swoosh and the color of the toebox panels, as well as the overlays in the eyelet area. Here we get, as it looks like, a black leather instead of a brown suede. The sneaker does not come generally in the material use also not at the Travis Scott Jordan 1. Well, exclusivity has to be preserved somewhere, right?

Let's go into a little more detail:

The base fortunately remains in the same 'Sail' color. The only difference is that the color goes up to the collar of the Air Jordan 1 High 'Dark Mocha'. The sole is supposed to be in black, just like the Jordan Wings logo on the brown heel panels.

To the release date of the Air Jordan 1 High 'Dark Mocha':

As you could already see on the picture above, these Air Jordan 1 High OG's are "originally scheduled to release this holiday season". So the kickz are supposed to come this summer. NICE!

But than this:


The leak site uploaded a post with a release date of an Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG 'MOCHA' 3 days ago. It doesn't matter if 'Dark Mocha' or 'MOCHA', but apparently the release is not supposed to be this "Holiday Season", but "on November 21"!

But the funniest thing about the whole thing is that "copalarm" deleted the mail after a few hours. Now the question we have to ask ourselves is: "Deleted because of fake news or because of fear of violating information rights?"

Difficult…we can only speculate, but I'd rather bet on the second from experience. I doubt that it will be the 21st of November 2020, but I can well imagine that this nice Jordan release will take place at the end of the year.

You want more from the rumor mill?

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