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Timeless classics from adidas with a football history

September 10, 2023 8:22 AM
Timeless classics from adidas with a football history

adidas, a name synonymous with innovation and style in the fashion world, has released countless iconic sneakers over the years. Increasingly, sneaker lovers are choosing the timeless adidas Samba, Gazelle and Spezial as their streetwear shoes. But did you know that these adidas classics have their origins in the world of football? Let's dive into some timeless classics from adidas with a rich football history.

adidas Samba

adidas Samba history

In 1949, the Samba was designed by founder Adi Dassler. The original version of the Samba had a mid-height silhouette, was made of kangaroo leather and had a gum sole. This shoe was created specifically to provide footballers with traction on icy pitches so they could train and play on frozen terrain.

adidas Samba
adidas Samba
Images by adidas

Although the shoe was originally designed for winter conditions, the Samba made a striking entrance during the 1950 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. To gain popularity in the South American country, adidas named the football shoe 'Samba'. That inspiration comes from the Brazilian dance and music style. After this debut, the Samba was redesigned several times and increasingly approached the version we know today.

adidas samba
Image by Getty Images

In the 1990s, the indoor classic became popular among skateboarders. Which eventually prompted adidas to create the Busentiz, a skate-related variant with many similarities to the Samba.

adidas Samba as we know it today

Nowadays, you don't only see the Samba on indoor football pitches and in skate parks, but the silhouette is now a common presence in the everyday street scene. This is mainly thanks to numerous collaborations, including those with designers such as Wales Bonner, IRAK, Jonah Hill, Have A Good Time, and many other brands and talented creatives.

adidas Samba colorways

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adidas Gazelle

adidas Gazelle history

adidas originally released the adidas Gazelle in 1966 in a red and blue color scheme, both featuring white stripes. Apart from the color, these pairs also featured unique soles designed for two completely different sports.

The red model featured a transparent, non-slip tread sole, which made the sneaker perfect for outdoor use. The blue model, on the other hand, was designed for indoor sports, featuring microcell technology and a grooved sole for a softer landing and firmer grip.

Images by adidas

It was the first sports shoe with a suede upper. This helped adidas make the Gazelle a truly fashionable shoe, worn by icons such as Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in the 1970s, Kate Moss and Oasis in the 1990s, and throughout a whole generation of Brits in between. Now, we see the design at the feet of pop icon Harry Styles.

adidas Gazelle as we know it today

Over the years, the Gazelle has been redesigned several times and adapted to changing trends and needs. It has become a favourite among athletes, especially football and handball players, but has also found its way into the world of fashion and street culture.

Moreover, we often spot the adidas Gazelle in the stands at matches, indicating that the silhouette is popular not only with athletes but also with supporters. It is also considered a 'hooligan' sneaker.

adidas Gazelle colorways

Below, we show some of the adidas Gazelle colorways currently on sale from the brand. Football supporters especially love the dark colorways. Wondering how to style the sneaker? Then read: This is how to style the adidas Gazelle for summer 2023.

adidas Spezial

adidas Spezial history

Last but not least, as a classic from adidas, the adidas Spezial, which was originally designed as a handball shoe. The sneaker was first worn in 1979 and quickly became a favourite with players from Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

It was only in the 1980s, with the rise of the 'casual' culture in football, that these shoes really became perennial fashion items. In several subcultures in the UK, this made the Handball Spezial an essential part of fashion.

adidas spezial
Image by adidas

Since 2015, the line has been led by Gary Aspden, a British fashion designer and brand expert. In recent years, Aspden has launched several timeless collections under the name Spezial at adidas.

adidas Spezial colorways

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These were some adidas classics with a football history. Keep following us to keep up with the latest news and trends in sneakers. We regularly share updates and engaging content to keep you up to date with everything going on in the sneaker world. Curious about upcoming sneaker releases? Then click the button below!