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These adidas ZX 8000 collaborations are still available - at retail

October 18, 2021 4:00 PM
These adidas ZX 8000 collaborations are still available - at retail

Hey Sneakerjagers! We're glad you found your way here, because you've come to the right place! Here we present you the models that are dropped in the course of an adidas ZX 8000 Collaboration and therefore get a special value. This value doesn't always have to be the resell price, but can just as well be personal and emotional value, because you celebrate adidas and the corresponding partner company.

A perfect example is the LEGO collabo. The successful collaboration between the inventor of the building blocks that hurt like hell underfoot when you step on them and the German iconic brand with the three stripes.

Just about everyone has an emotional connection to LEGO, and I don't mean the pain, but the beautiful experiences you have had.

But even beyond the collaboration, there are many other ZX 8000 models that bear more than just the adidas logo. Find out which ones they are and where you can buy them (probably not for much longer) here!

Collab or not, you just want to see the adidas ZX 8000 that's on the market? Click here:

Why adidas ZX 8000?

zx 8000

The complete ZX series is simply a dream come true when it comes to combining comfort, sportiness and style, because that was exactly what Jacques Chassaing intended when he made the first ZX 500 ready for the market in 1984. The latest technology from adidas running shoes was used for this.

The first adidas ZX 8000 was released in 1988 and can proudly claim to be the first sneaker to incorporate the adidas Torsion System. A technology designed to ensure the ultimate freedom of movement between the rear and forefoot. It also features unique colorways and a different lacing system than many other ZX models.

It's not for nothing that the silhouette so often serves as a canvas for hip designers and brands in collaboration with adidas. See for yourself!

zx 8000 lego

LEGO x adidas ZX 8000

Already in April 2021, six colorways of the LEGO x adidas ZX 8000 were released. This was not the first collabo between the company founded in Denmark and Germany, but it was definitely next level.

The different colorways represent LEGO brick colours, so everyone can choose their favourite colour. Of course, the LEGO details on the outsole (inside would be painful) and on the heel of the sneaker are unmistakable.

The best thing about the release: Some of the colours are still available at selected retailers. Here is an overview:

zx8000 lego colorways

IRAK x GORE-TEX x adidas ZX 8000

IRAK X GORE-TEX X adidas ZX8000 'Grey'

There's even a triple collab here! The IRAK x GORE-TEX x adidas is the perfect composition for stylish appearance and outdoor adventure.

Behind the name 'IRAK' is a graffiti crew from New York City, who had a direct influence on the colorway. You can also see the GORE-TEX logo, which stands for high-quality materials, durability and stability and makes the sneaker water-repellent and breathable.

Unfortunately, only a few sizes are still available in retail, but check if your size is included:

If you don't find your size here, don't worry, because the prices in the resell are really okay and for most sizes they are just above or even below the retail price of €179 👀. Here are the prices for both colorways at StockX:

HS zx8000

Highsnobiety X adidas ZX 8000 A-ZX 'Qualität'

The adidas ZX 8000 collaboration with Highsnobiety is similar to the 'IRAK' version. The ZX 8000 'Quality' is characterised by the use of high-quality leather and mesh materials and cuts a really good figure in beige and cream tones.

Do you have one of the following sizes? Then today is your lucky day, because the sneaker is still available in retail:

Sizes: 40 , 42 , 43 1/3:

Sizes: 42, 42 2/3, 44

zx8000 quality

If you weren't lucky again and your size isn't there, the same applies here…at StockX there are prices that are just above the retail price or even below 🔥

OVERKILL x adidas ZX8500 'THE O'

zx 8500 overkill

You get something really special with the Overkill Edition. What is special? Not only that adidas and 'OK' have created an unprecedented model with the 8500, but also the features and the colourways are simply a dream.

The shoe represents Overkill's graffiti heritage, recognisable by the neon colours and the unique included shoe cover to prevent paint from landing on the coveted kicks when 'spraying'.

Unfortunately the shoe is only at Offspring in Size 44 2/3, but the resale prices for this model are also within reasonable limits.

zx8500 overkill graffiti

Coming Soon: Kawasaki Ninja x adidas ZX 8000

zx8000 kawasaki

Another collaboration we're still waiting for is the Kawasaki Ninja Edition of the ZX 8000. Kawasaki's unmistakable poison green and the dynamic 'Ninja' lettering will make motorcyclists' hearts beat faster.

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