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The Ultimate Nike Air Max 270 FAQ 👀

July 16, 2021 9:00 AM
The Ultimate Nike Air Max 270 FAQ 👀

Nike Air Max are perhaps the swoosh kicks par excellence. Without a doubt, they have inspired entire generations and still do. The Air Max 1, as the first shoe with a visible Air unit, and all its siblings are still bestsellers today. Nike designers are regularly inspired by the 'vintage' models to create new silhouettes. This was of course also the case with the Nike Air Max 270, which we're taking a closer look at today in the ultimate Sneakerjagers Nike Air Max 270 FAQ.

When did the Nike Air Max 270 come onto the market?

The Nike Air Max 270 was launched in 2018 as the then youngest member of the Air Max family. As usual, the large Air unit was particularly striking.

How can you tell if it's an original or a fake Nike Air Max 270?

You can tell if the Nike Air Max 270 is original or fake by the plastic insert. The Americans use a semi-transparent insert in the sole for the original, while fakes seem strangely dirty.

Nike Air MAx 270
Nike Air Max 270

How good is the quality of the Nike Air Max 270?

As with every Nike Air Max, the quality is adapted to the brand's performance standards. Even though this shoe is the first exclusive lifestyle sneaker, you can also easily wear it for sports.

How do the Air Max 270 turn out?

The Air Max 270 fits true to size, just like the AM 90. Below you can see the size charts, but of course there are more. Just click on this link to go directly to the size chart at Nike. There you can simply scroll to the right if your size was not yet included.

Men's sizes at Nike (Air Max 720)

Größentabelle Nike 
Wie fallen Nike Air Max aus?
Größentabelle Nike 
Wie fallen Nike Air Max aus?

Ladies sizes at Nike (Air Max 270)

Damen Größentabelle Nike 
Wie fallen Nike Air Max aus?

Children sizes at Nike (Air Max 270)

Kinder Größentabelle Nike 
Wie fallen Nike Air Max aus?

Fun fact: A special pair in extra size 53.5 was available for US basketball star Kevin Durant, for example. So if you also have big feet, it's a good idea to become a professional basketball player. 🤓

Is the Air Max 270 a running shoe?

The Nike Air Max 270 is the first model that Nike launched as a pure everyday shoe. The Swoosh brand released explicit lifestyle sneakers before it, but they also had an Air unit that was actually developed for running. So the 270 is the first to be a 100% lifestyle shoe. Of course, it should meet the demands of good athletic performance, but above all support you in everyday life.


In addition, you should know that the AM 270 had the largest Max Air unit at 32mm when it was released. This meant the largest heel volume shift with maximum air cushion comfort. Today, it is surpassed by its little brother, the AM 720, which has a convincing 38mm. Click here for the Nike Air Max 720 FAQ.

How much does AM 270 cost?

Normally, the AM 270 costs around €150 at Nike and other retailers. But you can now also buy some versions in the sale. As you can see, the offers are much cheaper there.


Nike Air Max 270

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Nike Air Max 270

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Where are the Nike 270s made?

The Nike Air Max 270 are manufactured in Vietnam. According to a study by Statista from 2020, 50% of the Swoosh brand's production takes place in the Asian country. This is closely followed by Indonesia with 24% and China with 22%. We know that production is cheaper there, of course.

Wo produziert Nike?
Statistics 2020

What is the Nike Air Max 270 inspired by?

The AM 270 was inspired by two predecessors from the Max family: the 93 and the 180. The Senior Creative Director of the Swoosh brand, Dylan Raasch, took the 270-degree cushion of the AM 93 for his design. At the time, however, it was more hidden in the sole and did not directly touch the asphalt. Also inspired by the AM 93 is the padded sockliner.

The name '270', as you are probably thinking by now, comes on the one hand from the 270-degree visibility of the air unit. On the other hand, '270' was an internal epithet, an adjective or participle used as an attribute, for AM 93.

Which variants of the Air Max 270 are available?

Nike Air Max 270 React

One of the most successful versions of the Air Max 270 is the React version. The innovation was the combination of the visually striking Air Unit and the midsole filled with React foam. Nike argued that this would combine many advantages: an improved running feel, more flexibility and a lower weight. The variant was also inspired by highlights from art and design history, including the aesthetics of the German Bauhaus school.