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Know your size - Sizing Guide: Nike

May 15, 2020 7:05 PM
Know your size - Sizing Guide: Nike

Nike Sizing Guide? For what? Everybody knows it and everybody has had experience with it. You order a couple of new kicks from Nike and wait in anticipation for your friends from DHL. You unpack the package, open the shoe box, can't wait to get your new "babies" on and then the shock: the shoe is either too big or too small for you. It squeezes at the side or your toes, and and and and… The disappointment is great and you have to send the package back, for better or worse. Bad for the environment - bad for your heart. ?

So that this doesn't happen to you anymore & we can do something good for our environment together, we have created a sizing guide for you. Today we'll show you your favorite Nike models and tell you exactly how each one fits.

Know your size!

To find the right sneaker at all, it is of course important to know your own shoe size. In shops like Foot Locker, you generally have the possibility to have your foot measured. Of course, you have the additional advantage of being able to try on your favorite model before buying and thus immediately see whether the shoe fits or not.

But now you don't feel like going to the next local sneaker store every time & in the best case you have to get insoles. In this case you can of course measure your feet in your own home. How exactly you do that, you can read below.

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Determine your own shoe size

Things you need: 2 sheets of paper (DIN A4), 1 pencil (pointed) & a ruler. That's it! ?

First of all, it is important to know that your feet swell up during the day due to running and stress. Since you will experience the same thing in your new shoes, it is best to measure your feet in the afternoon or evening. If you are sitting on the couch at home while you are reading this, get up! Because the load, which is higher when standing than when sitting, makes your feet flatter and therefore a little bit wider.

Now to the actual measurements:

First, grab a piece of paper and the pencil. Now choose a wall in your room where you can stand upright and put your heel completely against it. You can leave your socks on at this point, as you will be wearing socks in your shoes. Attach the piece of paper to the floor and stand on it with your heel touching the wall. To avoid distorting the result, ask someone to border your toes. Once you have a nice outline of your foot you can start measuring. Take your ruler and measure the distance from the lower edge of the blade (where you have placed your heel) to the tip of your big toe. This result in centimeters is best written down for the future.

You are now repeating this process on your other foot, as pretty much everyone has two different sized feet. Only the extent of the difference is individual. Then use the larger foot as a reference to determine your shoe size using the appropriate chart. You should keep in mind that the information provided by different manufacturers can differ and you should therefore always use their size charts.

In today's sizing guide we take a look at the most popular models from Nike. Sure, now you can use the size charts of each brand to find your perfect shoe size. But watch out! Many models vary in their fit, even if it remains the same brand. We've collected the most popular models for you and summarized the most important information about shoe sizes.

Sizing guide for your favorites from Nike

Nike Air Max 1

The One. With this model it is generally very easy to find the right size. Because the Air Max 1 fits true to size. This means that the standard Nike size chart applies to this model and you can easily find your EU & US shoe size by your foot length. However, the Air Max 1 is also a rather narrow cut shoe. It could cause uncomfortable wearing comfort with extremely wide feet in the long run.

Conclusion: true to size

Nike Sizing Guide

Nike Air Force 1

There are again a few things to consider when choosing the right Air Force 1. Depending on the model and the upper material used, the sizes of the shoe vary slightly. The classic Air Force 1 '07 fits true to size in length, as described. Nevertheless, especially the popular models with leather uppers can be very tight at the beginning. Here we recommend a size up by half a size bigger. For people with extremely wide feet we would even recommend to buy a whole shoe size bigger.

Conclusion: true to size, with wide feet: size up

Nike Sizing

Nike Air Huarache

The Nike Air Huarache was always a problem child when it came to sizing. When you try the shoe on, you notice immediately that you can't reach the back of the outsole with your heel. This is because the buckle is much further forward than the actual end of the shoe. Once inside, a pleasant wearing comfort. But due to this reason, in the case of the huarache, it was always common to buy one size bigger. Of course, this also depends on the material, but in general, it is in any case possible to "upsize" a half to whole size.

Conclusion: size up by half a size to a full shoe size

Sizing Guide Nike

Nike Air Max 720

The newest Air Max with the largest Air Unit yet is different from its ancestors, as most Air Max models fit true to size. From the Air Max 720, however, you should rather order half a size larger. If you have wide feet you should be careful, because this silhouette also has a very narrow fit. So…size up! At least by half a shoe size.

Conclusion: size up by half a size to a full shoe size

Nike MX-720-818 'Green'

⬇️ Here you get to the size charts of Nike ⬇️

In any case, stay tuned for more. Because in the next weeks we will present you sizing guides of other brands & prepare you for good times without squeezing shoes! ??????