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The ultimate Nike Air Max 720 FAQ 👀

June 26, 2021 12:00 PM
The ultimate Nike Air Max 720 FAQ 👀

We probably all know the common Nike Air Max, but what about the Nike Air Max 720! What do we really know about this model? Soon a lot, because in this Air Max 720 FAQ we'll answer any questions you might have about the silhouette.

Air Max 270 und Air Max 720

Another little hint for you, because I'm absolutely not a numbers person either and I've had a spin in it before. The Air Max 270 is the first shoe from the Swoosh brand that was initially designed just for the street. Of course, we remember that many of the most popular lifestyle silhouettes were originally designed for athletic performance.

How much does the Nike Air Max 720 cost?

The normal price for the Nike Air Max 720 varies from €150-€190, but of course you can also get them cheaper in the sale. Check out our sneaker collection for all Nike Air Max 720s at different prices.

When did the Nike 720s come out?

The Nike Air Max 720 was released on 01 February 2019 and came out in two 'Northern Lights' colorways at the time. To date, the 720 has had the largest Air Unit and was the latest achievement of the Nike Air Manufacturing Innovation Team.

"For example, the colour has to strike a balance between reinforcing the technology and making its own statement," says Courtney Dailey, Nike VP of colour design.

Who designed the Nike Air Max 720?

The Nike Air Max 720 was designed by two Nike designers, Dylan Raasch and Jesi Small.

Which variants of the AM 720 are available?

Variants of the Nike AM 720 include the Nike Air Max 720 Utility, the Nike Air Max 720 OBJ, the Jordan Aerospace 720 and the Jordan Air Latitude 720.

What technology is in the Nike Air Max 720?

The Nike Air Max 720 uses an Air unit that is visible 360 degrees, both horizontally and vertically. It's no exaggeration when we say the Air Max 720 had the tallest Air unit ever in 2019. Its predecessor, the 270, has a height of 32 mm, the 720 increases that to 38 mm.

Nike air Max 720 FAQ

Most people walk pretty much the same, which means they have a similar heel strike and landing pattern when they walk. Enormous power therefore goes through the heel with every step and also when standing. That's why the AM 720 has ultimate cushioning and impact protection right there. The full-length airbag 'ring' then provides a wide base of support that extends into the forefoot to aid transition and stability.

What was the inspiration for the Nike Air Max 720?

The AM 720 were inspired by nature. More precisely, from the organically radiating movement of energy in various natural wonders. Sounds a bit cryptic, but it becomes more vivid in the colorways. For example, they play with lava flows, northern lights, the Milky Way and sunsets and sunrises.

Which colorways of the AM 720 are being hyped?

It's fair to say that the Air Max 720 hasn't experienced the hype that the Air Jordan 1 to 6 or other Air Max models in the range have. But some colours are still special.

nike Air Max 720 Designer FAQ

Designer Dylan Raasch says himself in an interview:

"The AM720 ‘Northern Lights’ colorway is the defining colorway. Since the colorways are all inspired from wonders of nature, we felt the Northern Lights is the wonder of the wonders and would make for a completely new expression of Air Max."

How do the Air Max 720s turn out?

The Air Max is true to size, so it fits true to size. We also have the Nike size charts for you: Men's, women's and children's.

Men's Sizes at Nike (Air Max 720)

Herren-Größen bei Nike (Air Max TN)

Women's Sizes at Nike (Air Max 720)

Damen-Größen bei Nike (Air Max TN)

Kids Sizes at Nike (Air Max 720)

Kinder-Größen bei Nike (Air Max TN)

Can you wash the Nike Air Max 720?

To be on the safe side, we say that you should never put your sneakers in the washing machine. Even though many of us have tried this with our old Chucks, we wouldn't risk it with all the new materials our kicks are made of. You can, of course, put them under lukewarm water and clean them carefully.

Tip: Stuff the wet shoes with newspaper, this draws out the moisture.