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The Shoes of Sports Stars - what they wear in their free time

March 13, 2021 9:00 PM
The Shoes of Sports Stars - what they wear in their free time

This is a post for all sports fans who would like to have a look at the outfits and sneakers of their favourite sports stars! So what do they wear in their free time? Let's find out!

Football as a popular sport

Let's start directly with the most popular sport in Europe. There are many 'sneaker-crazy' sports stars who have already collaborated with manufacturers. In football, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo works with Nike every now and then on new models or special colourways.

In other sports, such as tennis, Roger Federer has also brought out his own shoes. This time, however, we are not taking a look at the stars' own sneaker designs, but at what shoes the sports stars wear themselves in their free time.

Most of the sneakers presented here are unfortunately already sold out, but you still have the option to buy the kicks at StockX or other secondary markets. Just click on the picture and follow the link.

Cristiano wears Jordan

The photo is a little older, Ronaldo no longer plays for Real Madrid, but it still shows that even Cristiano Ronaldo likes to wear MJ's kicks. Here Ronaldo is wearing the Air Jordan 3 'White Cement'. Just click on the picture to see the current prices.

The socks in combination with the shoes just didn't catch our eye, dear Cristiano, sponsor or not 😉.

Ronaldo Jordan

We continue with a German national player. We are talking about Leroy Sané. We have seen really good sneaker taste in the winger more often than not.

Of course, this picture requires a certain amount of change, but the Dior x Jordan 1 Low still look great on Sané. Click on the picture to check out the prices at StockX - or maybe not 💸?

Dior Jordan Schuhe der Sportstars

French superstar Kylian Mbappé likes to wear a special sneaker or two on his way to the game. Here he is wearing the Nike Air Force 1 Low Kith Paris.

Schuhe der Sportstars

NBA - The shoes of the sports stars

In the NBA, the style and outfits of the players are even more part of the business than in football. Photos are often taken in the tunnel where the players arrive. Basketball and sneakers, of course, belong together historically! A good reason for us to take a closer look at what the NBA stars wear off the court.

First we have LeBron James for you. The 36-year-old is seen here wearing the Nike Dunk Low SP 'Kentucky'. A successful pre-game outfit, what do you think?

Schuhe der Sportstars

Another Dunk fan seems to be Keef Morris. He wears the Nike SB Dunk Low 'Court Purple', which was only released at the beginning of 2021. The prices for the shoe are even relatively constant at around €220. Click on the link to go directly to the overview of all retailers.

Nike SB

From the field to the street - the sneakers of the NFL stars

You can also see a lot of sneaker heat in the NFL. For example, the star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs likes to wear adidas Superstars. You can also order these iconic adidas sneakers normally and don't have to pay the resell price.

adidas Superstar

There you go, our first little compilation of some of the sports stars' shoes. Part two will certainly not be long coming!

If you want to read more of these stories, or more news and leaks from the sneaker scene, then take a look at our Sneaker News. We'll always keep you up to date there.