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The Off-White X Air Jordan 2 Low SP in 'Black' & 'White'

September 15, 2021 9:00 PM
The Off-White X Air Jordan 2 Low SP in 'Black' & 'White'

Not long now and we can look forward to a new Off-White collaboration. On September 23, 2021 at 9:00AM, the long-awaited Off-White X Air Jordan 2 Low SP will finally arrive in two very different colorways. The Nike sneaker will be available in 'White' and 'Black' and will cost €225. So what all do you need to know about these kicks? What makes this hype sneaker so special?

Off-White X Air Jordan 2 Low SP ‘White’
Off-White X Air Jordan 2 Low SP 'Black'
Off-White X Air Jordan 2 Low SP ‘White’

Release Info:

🏷️ €225

🗓️ 23. September 2021

9:00 AM

📟 'White' - DJ4375-106 | 'Black' - DJ4375-004

Background Story about the Jordan 2

Before I introduce you to the new kicks, I want to go back a few years when the very first Jordan 2 came out. The second signature sneaker of the famous baseball player Michael Jordan appeared for the first time in November 1986. It was immediately noticed that this Jordan had no resemblance to its predecessor, the Jordan 1. The Air Jordan 2 should stand for elegance, luxury and prestige.

A sneaker that would look great with a dinner jacket.

The then high price of $100 was also intended to contribute to the exclusivity and clarify the status of the shoe. The mastermind Peter Moore and the designer Bruce Kilgore had designed a sneaker that still exists today and which, like almost all Jordans, has achieved great popularity, even if it is somewhat quieter around it than around other models and is rarely seen on the streets today.

The Air Jordan 2 was made in Italy at the time and came in a high and low variant. The first Jordan 2 colorways included colors that the new Off-White x Jordan 2 was inspired by.

Off-White X Air Jordan 2 Low SP 'White' | DJ4375-106

Off-White X Air Jordan 2 Low SP ‘White’
Off-White X Air Jordan 2 Low SP ‘White’

Let's start with the white variant of the silhouette. The upper material of both colorways is a combination of different leather types. At the heel and at many other places of the kicks you can find the special colour varient 'Varsity Red'. Also very striking are the different colored laces, which are a direct eye-catcher.

The mix of white leather, red accents and the cream distressed midsole with a crumbling sole look give the sneaker a vintage vibe. The black Michael Jordan signature on the side emphasizes the exclusivity and high quality of the shoe.

The signature Off-White hangtag and iconic collaborative laces clearly show that this is a collab sneaker.

Off-White X Air Jordan 2 Low SP 'Black' | DJ4375-004

Off-White X Air Jordan 2 Low SP 'Black'
Off-White X Air Jordan 2 Low SP 'Black'

The basic structure of the two sneakers is the same. In the 'Black' version, the colors black and blue dominate. The accents, which were white before, are now in a striking light blue tone, which stand out very well on the dark background.

The crumbling sole opens up the view to the slightly yellowish rubber sole material and, as with the white model, provides a vintage look. The yellow Off-White hangtag completes the whole design and makes it a real beauty among Off-White sneakers.

Virgil Abloh has once again designed two incredible sneakers, whose popularity and success are already assumed.

If you are interested in one of the two colorways and don't want to miss the release, be sure to subscribe to our Instagram account and check our release calendar regularly. We will keep you up to date about all dates and changes.

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