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The NM508V1 is the shoe for skateboarding from New Balance

August 10, 2021 12:00 PM
The NM508V1 is the shoe for skateboarding from New Balance

New Balance is known for their running shoes. Nevertheless, the brand has a large line called 'Numeric' for skateboarding with both shoes and clothing.

In order to design the right shoes for skateboarding, New Balance enlists the help of several skaters. One of these skaters is Brandon Westgate, who has already designed two professional shoes for the Numeric line.

Brandon Westgate

Brandon Westgate is a professional skateboarder. He was nominated for Thrasher Magazine's 'Skater of the Year' in 2013. Westgate has several sponsors including Element, Ricta, Venture, Bones Bearings, Mob Grip, CCS and New Balance.

In 2020, Brandon was given his first opportunity to design a shoe for New Balance's Numeric line. This was the NM913. This model not only provided good ventilation, but also kept your heel in place through the 'TPU Heel Stabilizer'.

New Balance NM913
Image by New Balance

New Balance NM508V1

This year, 2021, Brandon Westgate got to design his second signature skate shoe with New Balance. This shoe became the NM508V1. This new model was released in two different colorways.

New Balance NM508V1 | NM508RPT

The shoe below is the light version of the New Balance NM508V1. The upper is made of leather. There are small holes on the leather, which provides good ventilation.

On the side of this model is the 'N' of the brand in dark green. This colour is also found on the '508' under the ankle and on the branding on the tongue. Around the laces and on the heel are reflective elements, so you can easily skate in the dark at night.

This model has a rubber outsole. Under the heel on the side, it says 'New Balance'. This sole provides more grip on the board.

This skate shoe costs €80.00. Click on the image to go to the product page.

New Balance NM508V1

New Balance NM508V1 | NM508OLV

The colorway you see below is the second variant of the NM508V1. Westgate chose the colours for these pairs themselves.

As you can see, there is not only a colour difference, but also a material difference between the white colorway and this one. The upper is made of suede for long lasting comfort. This material wears less during skateboarding.

The upper of this pair is in olive green with black. The 'N' of New Balance is white with black outline. The branding under the ankle and on the tongue is in red. The rubber sole of this colorway is in cream.

This skate shoe costs €80.00. Click on the image to go to the product page.

New Balance NM508V1

Thrasher Magazine was impressed with Westgate's shoes. Check out the video they made with Brandon below. In the video, you can see the New Balance NM508V1 in action.

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