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The Nike WMNS Air Max Plus in style check

May 9, 2020 10:04 AM
The Nike WMNS Air Max Plus in style check

The what? You don't have the style of the Nike WMNS Air Max Plus on your screen? That doesn't matter, but then it's time, because the sneaker is more popular than ever! Lucky that we can help you with that! So look forward to information about the trend sneaker in this blog and especially about different outfits and models, which you can simply shop for here. We're going to celebrate the summer with you and the WMNS Air Max Plus!

The style of the Nike WMNS Air Max Plus

Before we start with the outfits, here you get a small overview of the silhouette. Because the story behind the style is really beautiful! For all of you who already celebrate the great sneaker anyway, you can of course go directly to the next paragraph, or maybe you'll find out a few more details here. The Nike Air Max Plus, or Air Max Plus TN, was first released in 1989. The beautiful part of the story? Designer Sean McDowell designed the Nike silhouette on the beach. It is inspired by palm trees, the blue sky and good vibes!

The different colors of the sky and the mentioned elements of holiday feeling make the style of the Nike WMNS Air Max Plus. If you look closely, you will see that too. So in straight colorway we get summer pure. Furthermore the cushioning of the sole convinces of course, as we are used to it from Nike Air Max and so it carries you like on the literal clouds through your everyday life. But enough of the long speech, let's get to the styles.

Custom – 1 3
Unsplash by Christian
Nike Air Max Plus

The beauty:

Let's start with a more chic outfit, around the Nike WMNS Air Max Plus Premium. A white sneaker that fits to the trend and can be combined great because of its simple but shiny style. So you can wear this sneaker with everything and that's why it fits so well with a chic suit pants. We combine it with a nice ribbed top with white a turtleneck. An elegant blazer as overcoat and the elegant outfit is ready. With this you can do everything right in the office, at the theatre or even at a dinner. The comfortable sneaker enhances the look and carries you stylishly and confidently through your day. With a click on the respective product you can easily shop all outfits in this blog!

ASOS Blazer
ASOS Hose schick

The cool girl:

Also in terms of street style the Nike Air Max Plus has a lot to offer. It is a trendy sneaker with a sporty silhouette that is perfect for making the streets unsafe. The special thing about this sneaker is that the Air cushioning in the sole, both front and back are at certain points with the optimal suspension. The model we have chosen for you comes in light grey, with dark grey elements and red laces. A beautiful pink tone in the sole rounds off the whole thing. The silhouette and the dark grey elements make the sneaker look feminine but still very cool! In addition a chic boyfriend jeans and a cool shirt by Obey, which picks up the red once again. For cool summer evenings add a grey sweater and the adventure can begin.

Obez Shirt
Boyfriend Jeans ASOS
Nike Hoodie

The sporty:

A sneaker can of course, if not primarily, be styled in a super sporty way. Especially the silhouette of our Air Max Plus formally screams for sport. The special thing about it is that it does not necessarily have the typical running silhouette. To present you the sneaker as sporty as possible, we chose the Nike WMNS Air Max Plus LX 'Black/White'. Take a closer look and you will see the exciting details on the upper! Besides the typical waves you can see an interesting pattern with little balls. Otherwise black and white tones dominate. The sporty silhouette comes out here well, but the sneaker is also generally something special. Combined with an airy white top and a loose cardigan it looks great. A black skinny jeans makes the outfit perfect.

Crop Top ASOS
Schwarze Jeans ASOS
Cardigan ASOS

The Summer Lady:

The summer is becoming more and more noticeable. Surely you can't wait for the summer days at the lake, with good friends and one or the other cold drink. First of all, this Air Max Plus takes you comfortably to any place where you like to sunbathe and also fits perfectly into the summer due to its beautiful light blue color. In combination with white really an absolute eye-catcher. And the colors can also be picked up in your outfit. How about a white summer dress, for example? In addition a knitted, loose jacket, also in a beautiful blue. And to top it all off, a nice bag that fits perfectly due to its open style and stows away everything that might otherwise have ended up in your pocket. If you want to save the outfits, then you can get to the respective part by clicking on the picture!

Cardigan Strick ASOS
Clutch ASOS
Bildschirmfoto 2020 05 07 Um 16

The Rock Lady:

Rocky does not always mean boots and leather. Okay, I admit, you'll see a leather jacket in a moment, but a sneaker can rock on your feet too! The Nike Air Max Plus Decon 'Black' has a dark appearance with a slightly washed-out style in the colors. Black and grey are the colors of choice, but the upper can do even more, check it out! The textile upper and the durable rubber sole make it ready for a little tour with the bike and it's also great for dancing in! And above all, it is quite long. In combination with a printed shirt and cool jeans. Of course torn, after all you have already rocked a lot with it. Finally, the promised leather jacket and the rocking style with the Air Max Plus is ready.

Shirt Rock
ripped Jeans ASOS
Lederjacke ASOS

Let's go to the beach:

Last but not least we go back to the roots! Because now we're taking the Nike Air Max Plus back to the beach where its inspiration was born. Sneakers on the beach? Sure, you don't really need them here, but first you have to come to the beach and then you have to leave. To make this as relaxed as possible and to keep all the relaxation from the beach our sneaker is the perfect choice! The Air Max Plus is also a great companion at the beach café or when walking across the dunes. Of course, you'll also need a smart bikini and something to throw over it. We have a pair of loose shorts and a summery top for you. And of course - a bikini! The Air Max Plus in a summery, light pink color goes particularly well with it.


Well, did the style of the Nike WMNS Air Max Plus convince you? A versatile sneaker that looks great, is totally trendy and available in many great colors! What more do you want? You can find more styles in our Sneaker Collection under the keyword Air Max Plus. If you liked this blog and you want to get more of this kind of information, then have a look at our Newsblog! We would be happy if you browse our site!