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The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow in two new colorways

August 2, 2020 12:24 PM
The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow in two new colorways

The weekend is slowly coming to an end, but don't be too sad dear community! Because next week we will get two new colorways on the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow which we can look forward to! The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow 'Grey' and the Air Force 1 Shadow 'Purple' will celebrate their release on wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 09:00 am. You have to plan on 110€ each.

Here you will get all the information you need and you can also set a release alarm, so that you will be informed on wednesday in time so you can be sure to get the sneakers!

As always, you have to be fast, because new Shadow styles from Nike are traditionally sold out quickly. And there is a reason for that!

Air Force 1 Shadow: the details

The Air Force 1 is so t say THE must-have model at all. The sneaker icon is popular all over the world and calls almost every shoe closet home! A timeless classic whose style simply inspires. And the Shadow? This silhouette of the Air Force goes one step further, because the typical design elements are simply doubled. That means, more precisely, they get a shadow. So the swoosh, the toebox, the Air sign on the outsole and a few other accents come in this double look.

But dear community, I can imagine that you already know all this! That's why I want to introduce the new styles to you in detail:

The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow 'Purple', the name makes no secret, is in purple. It combines different light purple shades with grey and white accents. At the entrance and on the swoosh there are also transparent overlays! A great style for the summer girls! A highlight of the look are light yellow accents that round off the chic colorway:

Nike Air Force Shadow

A classic as summer trend 2020

For those who like it a little bit more simple, the new Nike Air Force 1 Shadow 'Grey' will be a celebration! In a nutshell, here the typical design elements are kept in different shades of grey and combined with white accents. This style also uses transparent overlays and I personally am totally in love 😍! With this sneaker you don't only get an absolute classic in your house, you also get a real eye-catcher, which nevertheless doesn't bring too much and matches many styles. - I like it 😎!

Air Force Shadow

If you're not only interested in these new styles, but also in the complete story behind Air Force 1, take a look at this blogpost. In our Sneaker News you will also find great stories, important information and everything new from the world of sneakers.

And if you don't want to wait that long, then take a look at our sneaker collection under the keyword Air Force Shadow. It's worth it! But if you're waiting for the new styles, here's a reminder: On wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 09:00 am the sneakers will be on the market and will cost 110€ each.