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The new Yeezy Knit Runner 'Sulfur' has been released

September 24, 2021 5:00 PM
The new Yeezy Knit Runner 'Sulfur' has been released

Kanye West and adidas are adding a unique silhouette to their list of lace-up models. After the Yeezy Slides, the Foam Runners and the 450 Slides, the two are now introducing the Yeezy Knit Runner. The new model dresses up in a 'Sulfur' outfit and luckily we don't have to wait for the pair.

Yeezy Knit Runner 'Sulfur' | GW5353

The model takes its inspiration from the Yeezy Foam Runner, where the silhouette completely covers the feet. Like the Foam Runner, the Yeezy Knit Runner omits the laces and gives the pair a sock-like fit. This allows you to easily put on the silhouette.

Yeezy Knit Runner 'Sulfur' | GW5353
Images via adidas

As the name of the model suggests, the unique Yeezy features a knitted upper. The pair comes dressed in a yellow outfit, but adds the colour beige to its collar.

Furthermore, the size of the pair is written on the collar. To complete the design, the silhouette features a ribbed outsole in the colour yellow.

Yeezy Knit Runner 'Sulfur'

The Yeezy Knit Runner 'Sulfur' was released on 23 September 2021. Want to know what other Yeezy's are coming out soon? Check out our release calendar and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.