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The New Originals revamp Foot Locker's iconic jersey

June 25, 2021 9:00 AM
The New Originals revamp Foot Locker's iconic jersey

Foot Locker and The New Originals have collaborated on a new Stripers jersey. Are you curious to see the result?

Over The New Originals

Meet the Amsterdam streetwear brand The New Originals (TNO).

The New Originals was founded in 2011 as a blog by a group of close friends. The group shared their interests in fashion, design and music. TNO began to make a name for itself in the Amsterdam nightlife scene by hosting parties on the infamous stages under the pseudonym TNO SoundSytsem.

The streetwear brand was officially founded in 2015 by Rizky Lasahido, Maru Asmellash and Eben Badu. TNO has since grown into a full-fledged brand, designing clothing for people in the creative scene. Their collections consist of sustainable and gender neutral clothing. The New Originals is also known for its 'outside the box' thinking. Hence the nine dots on the logo.

The nine dots

This nine-dot logo represents a box and it refers to an old riddle. The puzzle contains the challenge to connect all nine dots with four straight lines. To solve the puzzle, you just have to think 'outside of the box'. This has become the motto and the guiding principle under which TNO works.

Meet Freddy! TNO's mascotte

The 'Originals' in their name is well deserved

Foot Locker x The New Originals
Foot Locker x The New Originals

For most of the readers, The New Originals is no longer unknown. I, on the other hand, got to know the brand recently and was immediately hooked. I had seen the shirts with the 'Creatives are the new athletes' text before, not knowing that it was made by TNO. What really made me decide to call myself a fan of this streetwear brand is the combination of the designs and the creative content they release. The 'Originals' in their name is well deserved. Check out a short campaign video of their new SS21 collection below.

TNO SS21 Editorial

Foot Locker x The New Originals

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, The New Originals has planned a series of collaborations this year. First up: Foot Locker!

Foot Locker x The New Originals
Eben Badu in de Foot Locker x TNO polo
Eben Badu in de Foot Locker x TNO polo

"We always check out the latest pieces at Foot Locker because when we were younger, Foot Locker taught us about new trends in street style and about other cool brands through its collaborations."

Kogob Welde Selase met de Foot Locker x The New Originals polo
Kogob Welde Selase with the Foot Locker x TNO polo

The two brands have joined forces to revamp Foot Locker's iconic Striper jersey. Apart from celebrating TNO, this is also the first collaboration of Highsnobiety and Foot Locker's plan to highlight creative people (from all over Europe) who promote streetwear and sneaker culture. Foot Locker and Highsnobiety therefore invited The New Originals to give their take on the iconic Foot Locker Striper Jersey. The vibrant TNO redesign of the original jersey reflects the brand's vision of thinking out of the box.

From the collaboration came the playful and colourful The New Originals Stripers Polo, on which mascot Freddy plays a major role. The familiar black and white Striper Jersey was given a vibrant pink and orange colorway. The stripes, crosses on the collar and the outline of the image are made black. This design was also made gender neutral. Please note! There are only 100 pieces available, so you better be quick.

On the occasion of the shirt launch, the Foot Locker shop in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam was taken over by TNO. Also the TNO Soundsystem was present to enhance the experience.

Keep an eye on TNO

Foot Locker x The New Originals
Photography by Bram Romkes

"For us, I think in the last few years we’ve really developed our unique identity, who we are, what we do - and I think it's a huge step to be so confident about it."

Welde selase

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