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The New Balance 57/40 'Stony Beach' is now out

November 7, 2021 10:00 AM
The New Balance 57/40 'Stony Beach' is now out

New Balance has released the 57/40 in a brand new colorway. For this pair, the brand is taking us to Stony Beach.

The new 57/40 comes dressed in a two-piece colour scheme and is constructed from leather and three different types of suede. Furthermore, there are a number of elements on this pair that refer to the sand, soil and stones of Stony Beach.

The sneaker has been given an off-white colour and has some orange accents. This orange colour can be found on the overlays around the laces, on the New Balance tag on the tongue and on the heel.

The 'N' logo can be found on the middle panel. This element shares the same off-white colour as the upper and is finished with an orange border. Furthermore, the numbers '57' and '40' are written in orange on the heels.

The silhouette wears a double midsole. The upper midsole is off-white in colour and the lower part of the midsole appears to be yellowed. This gives the sneaker a retro look. Finally, the outsoles of this pair are orange.

The 'Stony Beach' is available now!