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The Nike Air Max BW comes in a City Pack

July 23, 2021 9:00 AM
The Nike Air Max BW comes in a City Pack

Nike created an Air Max BW City pack consisting of three different sneakers, with designs paying homage to three cities: Lyon, Los Angeles and Rotterdam. Check out how the Air Max BW has been transformed into three colourful designs below.

Air Max BW City Pack lyon
Air Max BW City Pack los angeles
Air Max BW City Pack rotterdam

Air Max BW

In 1991, Nike released the Air Max BW for the first time. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the model was released one year after the well known Air Max 90 and has the same Nike Air Sole Unit. However, there was one major difference between the two models: the Air Max BW had a larger window. Hence the name "Bigger Window" or "BW".

nike air max bw

The original AM BW was given a striking colour: "Persian Violet". This blue/purple colour was contrasted with black and white. The model can be considered an iconic shoe, because of the huge impact of this sneaker on the music scene in the 90s. This OG colorway was re-released in 2021.

Air Max BW City pack


Looking at the history of the AM Bigger Window, it is not surprising that the city of Rotterdam was chosen for the City Pack. The gabber culture was very active in Rotterdam and many gabbers wore the Air Max BW during partying. To be able to rave every night, comfortable shoes were needed. The addition of the Air Cushion Unit made the sneaker perfect for going wild all night long. The model was worn by so many gabbers that the model even became part of the gabber uniform: a tracksuit and Air Max BW sneakers.

nike air max bw rotterdam
air max bw rotterdam

The Rotterdam colorway has been given a bright green colour, and 'Rotterdam' can be seen written on the heel. A special detail has been added on the tongue, where '220 BPM' can be seen. These '220 Beats Per Minute' are characteristic for hardcore music.

Air Max BW City Pack rotterdam
rotterdam sneaker


The French city of Lyon has also been given a design on the Air Max BW. This colorway has been kept calmer by using different shades of grey. A striking detail is the name 'Lyon' on the tongue and on the heel. Additionally, the French flag colours can be seen on the insoles.

nike air max bw lyon
nike bw lyon
air max bw lyon
ambw lyon

Los Angeles

Finally, there is also a colorway inspired by the American city of Los Angeles. The tropical orange and purple colours on the sneaker are reminiscent of sunsets. The insoles also feature palm trees, which are characteristic of LA.

Similar to the OG colourblocking, a large part of the shoe is black, while orange and white details make the look special. The Air cushioning behind the Big Window also carries you confidently through the city - and to the beach.

Air Max BW LA
ambw la
nike air max bw los angeles
los angeles sneaker
Images by Nike

The Nike Air Max BW City Pack was released in 2021 and is available for resell on various platforms including StockX, Klekt and Kickscrew.