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The Afew Goods Yamasura has a durable design

July 31, 2021 9:00 AM
The Afew Goods Yamasura has a durable design

On Saturday 31 July 2021 Afew Goods finally release their first sneaker: the Afew Goods Yamasura. The model in the colourway 'Soil' symbolises the basis the designers have laid for their first own shoe. It was a long process to make the sneaker as durable as possible.


Afew Goods: first own sneaker

Afew Goods is a German retailer that sells sneakers and streetwear products. After years of selling other brands' products and multiple collaborations, it was time to release its own sneaker. The process took more than three years and a lot of time and research. Watch the story of the creation of the Afew Goods Yamasura 'Soil' in this video:

Afew Goods Yamasura

The Yamasura was designed in Germany by the founders of Afew Goods. After a long search for the perfect producer, the small factory Tofel in Portugal was chosen, where the sneaker is handmade. Tofel is located in the town of Felgueiras in the north of Portugal and employs 60 people. Owner Pedro has been working in the factory for 30 years, which used to belong to his father. The family business turned out to be a perfect match for Afew Goods.

sneaker cut out

The two-tone outsole features the Afew Goods logo. The logo is the focal point of the design. In addition, inspiration was taken from a special car: the Ferrari Testarossa. The double side radiators near the engine were the inspiration for the shape of the sneaker and for the details on the midsole of the Yamasura.

The colour composition of the sneaker consists mainly of dark blue. There is also a light brown earth tone added and white on different parts. The Afew Goods logo can be found on different places, besides the sole, the logo can also be seen on the sides, near the laces and the written name can be seen on the tongue.

Afew Goods Yamasura

Durable materials

The designers found it important to use sustainable materials on the sneaker. For example, algae were used to form the EVA Bloom Algae midsole. In addition, the upper is synthetic and therefore contains no animal materials. The upper consists of a variation of suede, nubuck and mesh, which gives the sneaker a luxurious look. They also thought about sustainable packaging: the box is made of 100% recycled paper.

afew store
Afew Goods Yamasura
algae shoes

Finally, Afew Goods is very open about their process. They are very transparent about the exact use of materials. They also share the production costs of the sneaker, to be fair to their customers. Furthermore, they indicate to look for more sustainable materials in the future, which will make their sneakers 100% sustainable.

Afew Goods Yamasura
Images by Afew Goods

Are you excited about the Afew Goods Yamasura 'Soil'? Then subscribe now via the raffle at Afew Goods. The sneaker will release on July 31, 2021 at 1pm for €210. Follow our social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter to easily keep up with the latest sneaker news.