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thatboii x KangaROOS 'Grey' - tscheeelo did it!

July 8, 2020 5:45 PM
thatboii x KangaROOS 'Grey' - tscheeelo did it!

What exactly did he do? And who is tscheeelo anyway?? Well, there are a lot of interesting things to say about the new, extremely limited collab of the thatboii x KangaROOS 'Grey'! We've put our backs into it and answer all your questions about the actors and the special features of this sneaker collab. Of course there are detailed pictures further down, as always! But before that, we'll go to the release details for those who are already well informed. Letzzz gooooo!

Release infos

The sneaker was already released last week on Thursday on the homepage of thatboii. But on July 10, 2020, the "Made in Germany" sneaker will celebrate its release at 00:00 am at other selected retailers. For a good investment of €250 you can buy this good piece of German craftsmanship with a little luck. ?

Clicking the button will take you to a list of all retailers who will sell the shoes. ⬇️

About thatboii

thatboii is a streetwear brand from Munich, Germany, which places great value on local production for its collections. Founder and Creative Director Chelo (on instagram @tscheeelo ?) and his team have been delivering good results for a couple of years now, and from time to time they come up with authentic and mostly urban culture inspired collections. Up to now we have always been happy about nice apparel products here. But since last week this should change officially with the thatboii x KangaROOS 'Grey' collab!

It has always been his dream

Chelo, like many others, has always dreamed of being allowed to design his own sneaker. And bang, KangaROOS recently contacted him and asked him for a collaboration.

Of course, there was not much fiddling about and the founder of thatboii rummaged around in the archives of KangaROOS. Here he came across the Ultralite 355C silhouette, which was designed and produced as a handball shoe some time ago. As Chelo has always been a big fan of the BMX scene, he chose this silhouette as it is very similar to the chunky BMX sneakers. And here it comes:

thatboii even made a complete collection called "Tour de Munich" out of it. Here the thatboii x KangaROOS Ultralite 355C 'Grey' is the heart of the collection. But we think that the whole collection is worth seeing and really works in harmony with the kickz as well as the whole BMX vibe! Probs for it!

If you want to know more about the background of the collection and the collab, you should watch this video here from thatboii. A MUST SEE, as we think:

thatboii x KangaROOS 'Grey' - the details


Enough talk. Back to the sneaker! What's in store for us?

As mentioned above, we get a KangaROOS Ultralite 355C. The sneaker was, like the collection, kept relatively simple, simple & clean. The kickz are, roughly speaking, plain grey with a broken white sole. But of course we go into the details of the kickz. There is a lot to mention!

The base of the sneakers got a light grey mesh upper. The overlays come here in a slightly darker velour leather, which, thanks to the handmade in Germany, comes in extremely good quality and precise workmanship! The offwhite rubber outsole gives the whole design a good touch of retro vibes.

But let's get down to the little details:

On the outside of each shoe you can find the brand logo of thatboii in white stitching. On the inside, however, the shoes have been given the KangaROOS animal logo.


Additionally we all have the possibility to switch between 4 different laces. The brands give us to the poison-green laces you could already see on the pictures, in addition, 3 others in the colors light gray, dark gray and orange with in the shoe box. NICE!

As the last highlight of this collab, the two collaborators have immortalized their names on a brown shoe box.


We are looking forward to the release of the thatboii x KangaROOS 'Grey' and hope for some fire on-feet pictures of the sneakers. Of course we wish you all the best of luck in getting them! GOGOGO! ???

But where do I get the shoes?!

The button below will take you to the list of all retailers who will sell the shoes. ⬇️