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That makes the Sean Wotherspoon x adidas Superstar 'SuperEarth' so special

August 23, 2020 9:24 AM
That makes the Sean Wotherspoon x adidas Superstar 'SuperEarth' so special

Sean Wotherspoon has done it again, dear community! After we were happy about the Collab with ASICS and Atmos only a short time ago, the next beauty is already coming from the american sneaker designer and store owner. The Sean Wotherspoon x adidas superstar 'SuperEarth' will celebrate his release on August 29th 2020 at 10:00 am. You can plan with 110€.

As if the silhouette wasn't legendary enough, Wotherspoon and adidas have also come up with some awesome features. The button below takes you directly to the sneaker in out release calendar. There you can check out the purchase information and retailers and also register for the Raffles! Attention: At adidas the sneaker will be launched in the app. You can participate until August 29th at 09:30 am.

For all of you who are still reading right now, get ready for a really special shoe with some details that will inspire you. Lets go!

Sean Wotherspoon X adidas Superstar 'SuperEarth'

Sean Wotherspoon x adidas Superstar 'SuperEarth' - the details

Vegan, sustainable, iconic, colorful, artistic… The list of words that describe the new superstar 'SuperEarth' is long. As you can see, Sean Wotherspoon and adidas have come up with some very special features that are really something. The sneaker should make a statement for the good of our planet and this is not only expressed in the optical details but also in the production of the sneaker.

Let's start with the visual aspects. We get a white superstar with colored accents. The highlight here are flower patterns, which are artistically painted on and also partly embroidered. Some elements even go beyond the upper and hang down from the sneaker - nice!

If you take a closer look, you will surely find one or the other special detail. Take a look at the tongue, for example. Further down in the blogpost you'll get some more detail shots where you can have a closer look at the whole thing!

Sean Wotherspoon X adidas Superstar 'SuperEarth'

In general you could say, we get a superstar as we know him, but then again we don't! As we know it from the versatile and iconic silhouette of the Superstar, the style again stands for change and makes a statement.

And it is the people who wear it that make this change a reality. - adidas

The upper of the sneaker is made of vegan leather and the shoe comes with an insole of natural cork. Environmentally friendly and still comfortable as usual. The Sean Wotherspoon x adidas Superstar 'SuperEarth' has been designed with sustainability in mind, so there is as little waste as possible in the manufacturing process. The sneaker is also 'Primegreen'. This means that the upper, sole and other parts of the sneaker are made of different, functional recycled materials. A shoe that makes a statement for our world and looks extremely good at the same time - you can make it like that!

Make your statement for change

Do you want this nice sneaker? I can totally understand that. Do you still have the release info on your screen? August 29, 2020, 10 am, 110€. But don't forget: The sneaker will be launched exclusively in the app at adidas. Just a reminder: You can participate until August 29th at 09:30 am. There are a few Raffles already open and more retailers. Click on the button or the photos to see the Raffles and shops, to register and much more!

As promised you can get some more detail shots of the kicks here. If you want to know more about Sean Wotherspoon, you can get some more information here. And if you want more interesting sneaker content, then take a look at our Sneaker News Blog.

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