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Stylefile x PUMA x MOST collaboration is coming!

June 13, 2020 12:00 AM
Stylefile x PUMA x MOST collaboration is coming!

Stylefile x PUMA x MOST? Who or what is Stylefile? MOST what? And does PUMA wait? Yes, dear community, you have read correctly! A triple collaboration is in the starting blocks and we have the 'exclusive' information for you here! So stay here and check out the nice kickz! Oh dear community, I almost forgot, this Collabo will be released on June 19th, 2020! How much this Collabo will cost is not yet confirmed! But for sure we will let you know in time when we get the info!


'What a collaboration is that?'

To keep it short and sweet - Stylefile is an online shop selling clothes, sneakers and everything you need from various brands like Nike, adidas, Carhart WIP etc.! Whether for women or men, if you are looking for good streetwear or sneakers, you will find it here! And by the way, if you are still in the graffiti scene - the guys have the know-how and everything you need available in the webshop! Know How is also the right topic, because Stylefile exists already for 20 (!!) years! But wait! The first thing is clear - why PUMA is part of this collaboration, but not yet!

PUMA, the sneaker company from Germany, … CEO Rudolf Dassler … the brand PUMA … - yes dear community we keep it short and sweet here! As you know, PUMA is the brand with the Puma on it. Wow! Really? Isn't that right? No worries dear community, we keep you here always up to date! So the next time you have small talk, you can brag about it! Or so … but hey apropos 'sneaker knowledge' - take a look at our Newsblog!

And who or what is 'MOST' then?

So to be honest dear community, I thought that 'MOST' is a rapper or a singer! But I was completely wrong! After my research I found out that 'MOST' is a graffiti artist! Hand on heart dear community, did you know that? But that makes the story with Stylefile complete again! As a JBCB painter, MOST has also been on the road as an artist for 20 years and is known for his work with pop colors, high contrasts, geometric backgrounds and comic details!

But back to Collabo, why do Stylefile and PUMA collaborate with a graffiti artist?

Don't wait too long to answer this question - 'Stylefile' sells, besides apparel and sneakers, also 'Graffiti Equipment'! From spray cans to markers as well as 'Graffiti Magazines', you'll find everything your 'sprayer' heart desires! But back to MOST, we have linked his IG Channel below, as well as some of his 'artworks' post! Check out the pieces! How do you like them?

You can find more artwork or graffiti on his IG channel @thatsallmost!

What can you expect from the Stylefile x PUMA x MOST Pack?

At the moment there are not soooo many pics of the sneaker, but hey! What would be a good collabo with too much info in advance ?



That's it in any case and of course we were able to get some information for you. It's about Retro customizing from head to toe. '1 sneaker | 48 styles'! Because then you are in demand and can prove your artistic talent. It all happens on the 'PUMA Ralph Sampson Lo Silhouette'! One sneaker & 48 ways to customize it yourself! You don't like the white shoe laces for example? How about red & yellow laces! Or you don't want to have the black label on your tongue? Then change it to a red and yellow colored label! The pack contains a solid mini basketball hoop that can be decorated with Montana BOLD markers and stickers.

Have I made you curious now? Then take a look downstairs at the IG Post! There you can get a foretaste of the Collabo!

PS: The IG post is a video! Don't forget to click on it!

So that's it for the collaboration! If you want to have more sneaker related content, then take a look at our Newsblog! There we will keep you, dear community, always up to date! Why? Because you are verrrry important for us! And ciao!