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Sneaker Reselling - Sneakerjagers Guide - Part 3

January 27, 2021 1:08 PM
Sneaker Reselling - Sneakerjagers Guide - Part 3

Sneaker Reselling - The Sizes

The shoe sizes you choose for your Raffle participation always depend on what you want to do with the shoe. I actually always take my size to be able to wear the shoe. The best thing about participating in raffles is of course being able to wear them yourself. But taking your own size always brings danger! The chance that you will want to wear the shoes yourself while you originally wanted to sell them on is present. Believe me, I speak from experience! As you learned in the first part of our guide, the shoes are worth the most in completely new condition, i.e. in deadstock condition.

Choosing the right size for an optimal resale is no longer so simple. There are shoes where the prices for different sizes are totally different.

sneaker collection

Example: The Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scott

The sneaker is also valued completely differently at StockX in different sizes. The highest bid, i.e. direct sale, for a size US5.5 is currently (as of 25.07.2022) around €3,250. For a size US6.5, the highest bid is €6,232!

Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scott

Which is the right size?

Unfortunately, this cannot be said across the board. It strongly depends on how limited a sneaker is, in which sizes it is released and whether it is a WMNS, Family or Men Size release. Every shoe size is popular differently, because of course many more people have a size EU42 than a size EU48. Therefore, shoe size EU42 is produced much more frequently.

Often, not always, small shoe sizes are particularly expensive. There are several reasons for this: The manufacturers produce slightly less of these sizes than of the "normal" sizes, the demand among women and young people is almost exclusively for the smaller sizes because there are quite few women with, for example, size 44 and, finally, the market in Asia also plays a role. Because there are many people with somewhat smaller feet.

Example: Nike Dunk Low Off-White Pine Green

The price difference of the small sizes compared to the standard sizes in this example time accounts for approximately 100%. While an EU44 is currently (as of 25.07.2022) offered at €1,094, an EU36 is currently offered at €1,907.

Nike Dunk Low Off-White Pine Green

The problem with the smaller sizes is that demand is often lower than for the standard sizes. For example, it is usually more difficult to find a buyer for a size EU36.5 than for a size EU43. So as you have read, there is not "one right size" for all shoes. Depending on what you want to do with the shoe, you can now make your own decision based on this information. I just recommend that you choose your own shoe size, so that if something goes wrong or if the shoe is no longer popular, you can simply put the sneaker on yourself.