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Shaeef - The Turnover episode 66

January 21, 2023 4:00 PM

Welcome back to the newest episode of The Turnover. If you (somehow) don't know what The Turnover is yet, it's a weekly DJ show by Sneakerjagers hosted by DJ Turne. Sometimes DJ Turne himself plays amazing sets for you and other times you'll see one of his friends play some tunes. This week he invited Shaeef!


This week's guest on The Turnover is Shaeef Abdoelhak or just Shaaef as his stage name. Shaeef can mostly be found at clubs like Bitterzoet or Chicago Social Club in Amsterdam during the party 'Notorious'. There he usually plays Electric, Urban, R'n'b, and Hip-hop sets.

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Tune in to The Turnover with DJ Turne and friends, Shaeef on this occasion. Forget all your stress or issues and just relax for an hour while listening to the set. The Turnover is a weekly show so don't forget to come back again next week!

In case you missed an episode of The Turnover, click the button below to check out all previous sets or navigate to the 'Watch'-page on the Sneakerjagers website. Also, follow us on Instagram to be kept in the loop about everything sneakers!